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Modern regenerative medicine saves our military!

Modern regenerative medicine saves our military!

Wounded patient

Volodymyr, 22 years old, a paratrooper of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, was wounded in the Donetsk direction.


– vertical fracture of the iliac bone with displacement
– fracture of the pubic bone

Details about the treatment of the wounded

Volodymyr was wounded during the fighting in Ukraine as a result of the explosion. After being injured, he was taken to a medical facility in Dnipro in a state of moderate severity. After the examination, a closed fracture of the pelvis on the left was found. Fortunately, Volodymyr’s doctor turned to GOOD CELLS within the project “BIOTECH 2.0 rehabilitation of the wounded” for the possibility of using cellular technologies in treatment. The attending physician and GOOD CELLS specialists conducted an examination and developed a treatment program specifically for Volodymyr using allogeneic mesenchymal adipose tissue stem cells, allogeneic umbilical cord MSCs and exosomes. In combination with cell therapy, surgery was performed and an external fixation device was applied to the pelvic bones. Thanks to the financial support of the volunteers, Volodymyr promptly received cellular products for treatment. This treatment will help the fighter to restore the bones and their functionality. In the future, the serviceman needs long-term rehabilitation and possible re-use of cellular products for recovery. The following reports will be published later.

Let’s help the courageous defenders of Ukraine regain their health and avoid disability. Please join the support of the BIOTECH 2.0 project!