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Front-line Inspection

Monitoring starts at “Novotroyitske” checkpoint

On October 30, 2015, as part of the implementation of the “Front-line Inspection” project, the NGO Foundation.101 began daily monitoring of the entry and exit “Novotroyitske” checkpoint, located near Volnovakha in the Donetsk region.
During the first visit, monitors conducted a survey of citizens who cross the demarcation line.
People at the crossing complain of long queues and long waiting times, which can last five to seven hours, sometimes citizens even have to spend the night near the checkpoint in cases where they do not have time to cross it before it closes.
Currently the control points in the Donetsk region work according to a winter schedule from 8am to 5pm. However, in certain cases the control point working hours can be prolonged for another hour or hour-and-a-half at the decision of the ATO commander.

During the survey, citizens did not report suggestions from inspectors of any proposals to speed up the crossing process in exchange for financial or other incentives. Moreover they noted the border workers and representatives of the Fiscal Service of Ukraine behave courteously.
Monitors at the point where people crossing await their turn, found a sufficient number of tanks with free drinking water.

It was also established that at the checkpoint free toilets, industrial water tanks and refuse containers are available. The water tanks and toilets are placed and managed by the Doctors Without Borders mission.

However, according to Foundation.101, the number of free toilets is insufficient, which allows for speculation on the part of entrepreneurs who have placed pay toilets nearby.

Monitors also visited the logistics center, located near the checkpoint and recorded a critically small range of products that can be purchased there. At the time of the monitoring visit, only two entrepreneurs were working in the market, which according to Foundation.101, is insufficient to deal with the number of citizens who come to the checkpoint from uncontrolled to controlled territory in order to purchase food, which was the primary goal of the logistics center.

During the whole monitoring period (which takes place on a daily basis) citizens who cross the demarkation line can leave their complaints and suggestions regarding the control points with the Foundation.101 monitors. The monitors can be easily identified by the branded tent located at the entrance to the control point.

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Project Completed

Front-line Inspection

A joint-project between The People's Project and the NGO "Foundation.101" for the monitoring and control of entry and exit points on the front-line to prevent human rights breaches and corruption.

250 000 UAH (9 046 USD) needed
100% raised
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