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Help Donbas Battalion

New equipment for battalion Donbas

To the soldiers of the volunteer battalion “Donbas” binoculars, collimator sights, helmets and other equipment have been delivered.

07/06/2014Uniform Multicam400 225 032.50delivered to battalion Donbas
07/06/2014Uniform second-hand (additional supply)115 88 435.00delivered to battalion Donbas
07/06/2014Kevlar helmet Schuberth64 125 056.00delivered to battalion Donbas
07/06/2014Sleeping bag and mat50 25 500.00delivered to battalion Donbas
07/06/2014Binoculars Arsenal 15×70 Porro10 12 120.00delivered to battalion Donbas
07/06/2014Collimator sight Meprolight2 13 000.00delivered to battalion Donbas
07/06/2014Collimator sight Aimpoint® CompC31 10 400.00delivered to battalion Donbas
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Help Donbas Battalion

Equipment for the Donbas voluntary battalion of Donetsk region territorial defence.

military unit 3027
1 013 999 UAH (36 692 USD) needed
100% raised
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