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First People’s Drones

New high-tech UAVs 79th Airmobile Brigade

The People’s drone is a complex device that requires a lot of time and effort to build. We are sorry to admit, but the volunteer group hasn’t coped with this challenge in time. Therefore, our team had decided to spend our own money on an already built alternative. An Octokopter with a thermal imager from the team of People’s Project and the drone’s younger brother an upgraded DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus quadcopter are both set to serve soldiers from the 79th Airmobile Brigade.
For a modern day intelligence UAVs are must-have devices, thanks to them wide range of problems can be solved, including high-quality surveillance. Very soon the drones will be put to the test. 7 Octokopter with thermal imager specifications:
Flight distance – 6 km
Maximum speed – 80 km/h
Flight time – 40 minutes
Cruising altitude – 50 meters to 2 kilometers
Number of propellers – 8
The UAV is equipped with a camera with zoom function and thermal imager that is able to detect the enemy at a distance up to 300 meters, regardless of the time of day.

Quadcopter DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus specifications:
Flight distance – up to 4 km
Maximum speed – 30 km/h
Flight time – 20 minutes
Cruising altitude – from 5 to 300 meters
Number of propellers – 4
This quadcopter has been significantly upgraded. Communication range and distance for image transferring were increased during the refit. It was made possible thanks to a booster that increased signal range and enhanced antennas that receive and transmit information.
The video camera of quadcopter is mounted on a gyro-stabilized platform.

A common problem in the ATO zone is the inexperience of the pilots that control devices. To improve the efficiency of air reconnaissance, the fighters of 79th brigade were trained and certified by the People’s Project.

How the training went:  1 copy 2 Awarding certificates for the course of UAV control 911

26/11/2014Octokopter with thermal imager from the team of “People’s Project”1 60 000.00delivered to 79 Aeromobile Brigade m. u. А 0224
26/11/2014Quadcopter DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus1 46 200.00delivered to 79 Aeromobile Brigade m. u. А 0224
26/11/2014Camera (SONY FCB-EX1020P 36x Zoom Color Block Camera)1 6 615.84delivered to 79 Aeromobile Brigade m. u. А 0224
26/11/2014Laptop (AsusR512M Black)1 4 999.00delivered to 79 Aeromobile Brigade m. u. А 0224
26/11/2014Thermal imager1 92 400.00delivered to 79 Aeromobile Brigade m. u. А 0224
26/11/2014Suspension under the camera1 10 780.00delivered to 79 Aeromobile Brigade m. u. А 0224
26/11/2014Rolling Workshop (Stanley IML Mobile Work Center 2 in 1)1 782.00delivered to 79 Aeromobile Brigade m. u. А 0224
26/11/2014Battery Power Tester (RC CellMeter – 7)1 147.07delivered to 79 Aeromobile Brigade m. u. А 0224
26/11/2014 Camping table (Easy Camp Rennes S)1 896.00delivered to 79 Aeromobile Brigade m. u. А 0224
26/11/2014Battery pack for quadcopter1 9 240.00delivered to 79 Aeromobile Brigade m. u. А 0224
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Project Completed

First People’s Drones

First Ukrainian reconnaissance and fire adjustment drone.

military unit 3066, В2262, А0224, 3027, В0849
689 189 UAH (28 854 USD) needed
100% raised
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