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Help to Kulchytskiy battalion

Optical sights and сountersniper detector for Kulchytskiy battalion

Thanks to a sponsor who, when he learned the sniper unit of the Kulchytskiy battalion was going to work in the Debaltseve area, decided to make a genorous gift – a set, which includes optical sights such as a Bushnell 4,5-30×50 ERS 34mm, a Bushnell 6-24×50 FFP 30mm, a Leupold Mark4 8,5-25×50 M5 and a сountersniper detector.
Snipers say the use of the new optics is much easier and better than those of the models of sights they had before.
All devices are now on combat missions. The guys have worked with them at a distance of 650 meters. The details of this work we will talk about later. The countersniper detector works on the principle of a “cat’s eye”.
Sniper unit of Kulchytskiy battalion is very pleased with the gifts and express gratitude to the sponsor and all those who participate in the project!

29/06/2015Bushnell ET45305GZ 4,5-30x50 ERS 34mm sight1 39 380.00delivered to military unit 3066
29/06/2015FAB defense mount for bushnell sight1 8 086.00delivered to military unit 3066
29/06/2015Bushnell ET6245F 6-24x50 FFP 30mm sight1 21 186.00delivered to military unit 3066
29/06/2015Leupold Mark4 8,5-25x50 M5 sight1 78 958.00delivered to military unit 3066
29/06/2015Countersniper detector1 309 100.00delivered to military unit 3066
29/06/2015Armasight Spark G night-imaging monocular1 12 518.00delivered to military unit 3066
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Help to Kulchytskiy battalion

Help to Kulchytskiy battalion

military unit 3066
997 369 UAH (38 982 USD) needed
63% raised
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