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First People’s Special Battalion

Load bearing vests and more

Load bearing vests, sleeping bags, trunk bags and flags have been delivered to the military unit А-3767

25/09/2014Load bearing vest for АК РЗ-121 9 072.00delivered to military unit А 3767
25/09/2014Load bearing vest for RPK РЗ-29 3 924.00delivered to military unit А 3767
25/09/2014Ukrainian flag 100*15010 450.00delivered to military unit А 3767
25/09/2014Money transfer commission1 105.41--
25/09/2014Sleeping bag Erdenet Camel Wool (winter)30 30 600.00delivered to military unit А 3767
25/09/2014Military trunk bag, US, used (Olive, 90×35 cm)3 1 080.00delivered to military unit А 3767
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Project Completed

First People’s Special Battalion

The armed forces' "eyes and ears" — the 8th Detached Battalion of Signal Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Activity — needs urgent support.

military unit А 3767
312 585 UAH (7 689 USD) needed
100% raised
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