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Rapid Response

October 11, 2017

People’s Project’s exclusive: photos from the epicenter of war

People’s Project’s exclusive: photos from the epicenter of war

Guys, today we are going to share the newest exclusive photos with you. Our friends, some special unit which is holding the line and actively working on the very forefront, have sent them to us a couple of days ago. Naturally, we cannot disclose any details as constant fighting is going on around these positions, so the pictures were taken during short breaks in between the battles. No need to accompany them with a vast text as well: it is enough to say this peculiar landscape constitutes the environment our defenders have been living and working in, for the fourth consecutive year of war.


Initially green woods and coppices of Donbas turned into the Black forest, an enormous barren from the Struhatskys’ scariest novels. Trees cut by bullets and shrapnel and deadly metal scattered everywhere – unseen death will reign here for many years after the war is over.


Russian “presents” will be posing a threat for civilians for many successive years: kids, elder people, anybody who will take risks to enter these woods and fields either to pick up some berries and mushrooms or to pasture their cattle, or just walk in the country, are their most probable victims.

We have to finally comprehend that despite all patronizing smiles, despite condescending tales about “one people” and “but we are brothers, after all”, the honey-lipped “russian world” disguises deadly venom inside. This is an enemy. It brings death to each of us. This is scum thirsty for slaughtering – they are ready to kill anybody for money. Maybe today the war has repositioned from media space, still it is far from completing. Now the enemy’s proxies got caught in the crossfire: the russians whom they so enthusiastically begged to plunder their own land, do not hasten to embrace and affiliate the traitors; on the other hand, they are afraid of coming back to Ukraine as many of them have their hands stained in blood. As to russian mercenaries as well as their puppeteers, it seems they are going to hold these wastelands in a mortal grip for as long as they are strong enough, until our Army supported by the international community, blows their teeth into their jaws. 


There is only barren and devastation all over the land, and nothing else… How silly is to call the hell of war into your own home!

Today our shared commitment is simple: to hold the line preventing the infection of the “russian world” from further spreading, and when the time comes – to free our wonderful Ukrainian Donbas and all decent Ukrainians who are now forced to suffer under russian occupation, from these purulent bacilli.


Amongst these ruins death is watching the enemy, and not a figurative but quite a material one. This unnamed man is one of the unit’s true legends. Before the war he worked as a head of a manufacturing company. Since the beginning of the war he, a nice and good-hearted man, obtained another necessary profession – to demolish terrorists like hazardous pests. This is what he has been in until now, and the number of terrorists he processed into fertilizers laid into the famous Ukrainian black soil, amounts to a few dozens.


Everything within the enemy artillery’s range has been smashed into shreds. If on the occupied territories, all this would be cut into pieces and sold as scrap metal by provisional “effective managers” in a flash. Like an insatiable locust, the invaders have literally devoured not only the industrial capacity of Donbas but everything they managed to grab into their grasping claws.

To help bring the moment of victory closer everyone has to be supportive: we should not forget about our military’s needs and support our Ukrainian army whenever possible. Within the «Rapid Response» volunteer initiative People’s Project accepts requests for essential stuff from military units in the forefront: thermal scopes for checkpoints, for enemy saboteur groups not to come up undetected; various sights for excellent marksmen for them to hit the enemy just in their heads; equipment and gear for our gunmen to upgrade their weapons, and lots of other things which the state provides not always in time. All this stuff we buy on donations made by ordinary citizens and individual contributors. Yes, the state supplies the army with armaments and equipment, and the prospects are rather encouraging here. But not always military institutions can process the requests in time and provide the equipment as fast as needed. This is the case when we can assist.


The autumn in Donbas smells neither of fallen leaves nor checkered plaid; neither a cocoa drink nor a book by Coelho. Gunpowder, ashes and the flavor of concrete dust creaking on the teeth – the atmosphere differs here

Dear friends, please participate the «Rapid Response» project vigorously. Even despite the comparative standstill and in spite of the fact that most of media reduced their coverage of war to unobservable minimum, – the war has not vanished. Our men, young guys and even girls die almost every day suppressing the creeping russian contagion. So let us help them to defend our land and our kids. Let us stand against the enemy all together and make every possible contribution into this noble deed. Then one day, instead of ruins and damage, we will share different pictures of amazing flourishing towns and cities of the Ukrainian Donetsk and Luhansk regions.


Altogether on the project

Rapid Response

3121 people


13 779 760 UAH (471 024 USD)

of 14 300 000 UAH (488 807 USD) needed

96% raised

Updated 17.05.2022 at 17:53
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Project coordinator: Alexandr Davydenko

+38 097 334 26 04

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Mykolaiv regional charitable foundation “BLAGOCHESTYA REGIONAL FUND”
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Purpose of payment: Charitable donation. Rapid Response.

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Beneficiary address: UA 54000, Mykolaiv, Buznyka str. 5, 118
Beneficiary bank: Privatbank
50, Naberezhna Peremogy Street, Dnipropetrovsk, 49094, Ukraine
Swift code: PBANUA2X

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Description: Charitable donation for “Rapid Response” project.

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