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Predator for Alpha squad

The Alpha special forces squad recently received a new delivery from the People’s Project. As we have mentioned in the past, the Mykolaiv-based Alpha squad is very responsible, treating all items we have delivered to them from a number of projects on The People’s Project website with care. Thus, we are glad to help to equip the soldiers. This time, we have purchased a tactical backpack for gunners – the tactical complex Predator. This is not just a backpack worth 14,000 UAH, it offers the opportunity to fire 700 rounds from a PK machine gun without reloading. Needless to this offers significant advantages on the front, when every minute can be decisive.

We wish victory to Ukraine’s soldiers!

11/05/2015Tactical backpack for gunner1 14 000.00delivered to Alpha squad
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Support the "Сyborgs" - Donetsk Airport defenders

military unit А2830, А0224
427 833 UAH (17 912 USD) needed
100% raised
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