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Front-line Inspection

Project has been launched

The Front-line Inspection project has started!
Already completed is instruction and training in first-aid medicine, so now at the Zaitsev checkpoint Ukrainian observers are working alongside their international counterparts monitoring the observance of human rights.

Next week it is planned for work to start at the Buhas checkpoint and we wish our Ukrainian monitors success in stamping out the problems so endemic at these “border” crossings!
And we, as always, will keep you informed about all important news updates and events surrounding the project.

24/09/2015Production of tent with designated logos2 15 000.00purchased for the project
24/09/2015Training of monitors: instruction, medical first aid1 10 000.00conducted
24/09/2015Set of furniture (tables + chairs)2 10 000.00purchased for the project
24/09/2015T-shirt with logos28 8 400.00purchased for the project
24/09/2015Sweatshirt (jersey) with logos28 15 400.00purchased for the project
24/09/2015First-aid kit2 10 000.00purchased for the project
24/09/2015Computer2 15 000.00purchased for the project
24/09/2015Print1 2 500.00paid
24/09/2015Press conferences2 14 000.00paid
24/09/2015 Design1 9 000.00paid
24/09/2015 Infographics1 18 000.00paid
24/09/2015Promotional video1 8 400.00paid
24/09/2015Promotion online, months1 2 500.00paid
24/09/2015Telephone bills, 12 monitors and 2 coordinators for 1 month1 2 300.00paid
24/09/2015Transportation costs during monitoring for 1 month1 9 500.00paid
24/09/20152 monitor coordinators, financial aid for 1 month1 12 500.00paid
24/09/201512 monitors, financial aid for 1 month1 60 000.00paid
24/09/2015Project manager, financial aid for 1 month1 12 500.00paid
24/09/2015Assistant manager, financial aid for 1 month1 10 000.00paid
24/09/2015Accountant, financial aid for 1 month1 2 500.00paid
24/09/2015Press secretary, financial aid for 1 month1 2 500.00paid
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Project Completed

Front-line Inspection

A joint-project between The People's Project and the NGO "Foundation.101" for the monitoring and control of entry and exit points on the front-line to prevent human rights breaches and corruption.

250 000 UAH (9 046 USD) needed
100% raised
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