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First People’s Helicopter

Helicopter drone production – photo report

We are happy to say the Ukrainian knack for improvising extends to our engineers who have made components, which are impossible to find on the Ukrainian market.

The photo below depicts the workshop, where the helicopter components are being produced.
You can see the production process in its entirety and particular finished components, ready to complete assembly.

Making the silencer components

изготовление элементов глушителя

Making the air filter

воздушный фильтр

Silencer fitted to the engine

Двигатель с глушителем1

We’ve purchased aluminium alloy for the chassis. The chassis is going to be very strong and super light at the same time.

Очень крепкий алюминиевый сплав для рамы

A panel for the installation of engine is waiting for a starter clutch, which will start the engine

Плита для установки двигателя_Ждет муфту стартера

Axles sleeve bearings

Подшипники в стаканах. для валов

The gear cog has to withstand great pressure, so it will be made of super hardened metal. All work completed by our specialists.

How it looked in the beginning

ведущая звезда с переходниками

Measurements must be exact


After component assembly

Ведущая звезда Сверх каленая_ попила крови((

At last: the cog fixed to the engine

Сам двигатель

One of the most important components is that which protects the system from overheating:
a powerful cooling fan.

мощнейший вентилятор на охлаждение двигателя

The hardest to find components, we’ve looked for them for a long time. Belts for the transition of energy from the engine to the blades.

еле найденые ремни

At present production of the people’s helicopter is partly hindered by a delay in component delivery from China. We’re doing our best to solve this problem and believe the vendor will send all parts on order as soon as possible.

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First People’s Helicopter

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