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Help to Kulchytskiy battalion

Support for Kulchytskiy battalion snipers

The Kulchytskiy battalion’s sniper unit is to support combat operations by providing accurate fire on select targets over long distances. Thus, the sniper’s objective is the collection and transmission of information on the battlefield.
To this end, People’s Project volunteers gave the Kulchytskiy battalion snipers unit soldiers:
– Mosquito head nets: easily worn when fixed to a hat. They are necessary because it is not only separatist forces ambushing our soldiers at their posts or on combat missions. The thin and transparent mesh does not reduce visibility and keeps the insects at bay.
– Tactical flash lights with remote controls, very comfortable to use, lightweight and durable. They can be promptly dismantled via fastening clips. Rechargeable batteries and battery chargers alleviate the problem of battery drain.
– A high quality Pulsar HD50S thermal imager. The device is water resistant and fully functional in rain. It has a slot for a camcorder, you can use to record the images. The battery lasts for 3-4 hours when the device is used for spans of five minutes. The durable body of the imager means it can be dropped with suffering damage.
– Monocular (periscope): a very convenient device for intel. With such simple yet essential device soldiers do not have to risk placing their head in the line of fire. The device is very light and comes with a storage case.
The snipers’ unit is eternally grateful for the assistance and assure us they will keep Ukraine a single, indivisible nation!

31/08/2015Pulsar Quantum HD50S thermal imager1 75 830.00delivered to military unit 3066
31/08/2015Burris Xtreme Tactical 30mm scope1 1 430.00delivered to military unit 3066
31/08/2015TrustFire C8-T6 tactical flashlights6 3 116.40delivered to military unit 3066
31/08/2015TrustFire Z5 tactical flashlights2 1 316.54delivered to military unit 3066
31/08/2015Li-Ion 18650 TrustFire battery10 1 526.00delivered to military unit 3066
31/08/2015Battery charger5 853.30delivered to military unit 3066
31/08/2015GM-003 (25mm) clips for flashlight8 1 560.32delivered to military unit 3066
31/08/2015TrustFire C8 та TrustFire Z5 remote controls for tactical flashlights8 1 085.44delivered to military unit 3066
31/08/2015UZI 5x20 monocular (periscope)8 15 200.00delivered to military unit 3066
31/08/2015Camouflage fatigues8 21 120.00delivered to military unit 3066
31/08/2015Klever Ballistol spray 400ml oil6 1 140.05delivered to military unit 3066
31/08/2015Copper Remover barrel cleaning tool6 1 620.07delivered to military unit 3066
31/08/2015Ganzo G109 multi-tool4 1 340.02delivered to military unit 3066
31/08/2015Mosquito head net30 2 280.00delivered to military unit 3066
31/08/2015Mega line, 8 gauge set3 339.00delivered to military unit 3066
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Help to Kulchytskiy battalion

Help to Kulchytskiy battalion

military unit 3066
997 369 UAH (38 982 USD) needed
63% raised
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