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People’s Armor

Testing spaced armor

Our shields work!
The People’s project’s activists together with commandos of the 79th DABB have been testing a shieldl, that is to be installed on the APC of the Brigade.




The spaced armor was welded into a 3mm-steel shield.
Then we witnessed a direct hit from the anti-tank grenade launcher from a distance of 50 meters. The multiplied cumulative jet didn’t pierce the shield, but just bent it. There came two more direct hits, and the shield endured again. Of course, the spaced armor was damaged and its restoration or replacement is needed.
Let’s provide our defenders with as many spaced armored vehicles, as we can! The project!
P.S. The a video of the spaced armor testing will come soon.

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Project Completed

People’s Armor

An anti-cumulative shield for APCs, aimed to protect against damage, caused by different kinds of anti-tank rocket launchers.

1 000 000 UAH (38 071 USD) needed
100% raised
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