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First People’s Drones

Conclusions after first round testing Discovery quadcopter

Thanks to the contributions of donors, we were able to pay for another UAV.
The quadcopter’s basic parameters were rigourously tested, which led to the following conclusions:
1. The 4.5A/hour battery allows it to stay in the air for about 10-12 minutes;
2. The engine allows for lifting no more than 350 grams;
3. The camera that comes with a basic set, allows operator to look only in the direction of the flight of the UAV;
4. The radio control of the UAV maintains a stable signal to a distance of up to 1.2 km;
5. The video channel d” provides a stable signal at a distance up to 2 km;
6. In the presence of wind with a speed of 10 m/sec the quadcopter is constantly at risk of flipping and losing GPS signal and as a result go into an uncontrolled fall.

Video of the tests of quadcopter “Discovery”

Thus, it appears a UAV of this type is an unreliable apparatus for its required tasks.
To satisfy oue requirements we decided to perform the following upgrades:

1. Increase the capacity of the battery to 10A/hour;
2. Install a more powerful engine;
3. Change the onboard computer (controller) to one that is more advanced;
4. Add a rotating video camera;
5. Establish a directed patch antenna with a capacity of 12-14 dB and enhance the capacity of the onboard video transmitter to 2W.


After these enhancements the UAV should be able to: remain up to 25-30 minutes in the air; lift up to 0.5 kg; fly a distance up to 3 km. Providing component delivery is swift, the modifications can be made within two weeks.
All components have been selected and now are being ordered.

28/11/2014Quadcopter “Discovery”1 60 000.00paid
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Project Completed

First People’s Drones

First Ukrainian reconnaissance and fire adjustment drone.

military unit 3066, В2262, А0224, 3027, В0849
689 189 UAH (28 854 USD) needed
100% raised
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