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First People’s Drones

First photo report on people’s drone

Here we unveil the first people’s drone, delivered to ATO fighting units on June 4.

The system has been presented to the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko:


The main system advantages are:

Flight time – 1 hour;

Range – 25 km;

Speed – up to 125 km/h;

High accuracy of target coordinates;

The possibility of continuous adjustment of fire for flying time;

High Availability (short time of deploying,  mobility);

Low visibility;

Low susceptibility in face of traditional air defense and of hand weapons.

The additional information you can finf on the drone’s page in Facebook – you can ask quaestions directly to the engineers.

As you see on the picture, the system consists not only of the octocopter. It also includes mobile remote station based on the UAZ platform.

drone-photo-04-1 drone-photo-03 drone-photo-02

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Project Completed

First People’s Drones

First Ukrainian reconnaissance and fire adjustment drone.

military unit 3066, В2262, А0224, 3027, В0849
689 189 UAH (28 854 USD) needed
100% raised
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