Seven copters PC-1

January 12, 2018

The Marines show how they train using the “toy” sent by People’s Project

The Marines show how they train using the “toy” sent by People’s Project

Our UAV flies, it flies! Vadym Sukharevskyi’s marines got it out in the field: although we trained a qualified air reckon pilot for them, nevertheless continuous practical use guarantees the device’s successful depletion. So the guys have been improving their skills amid the boundless southern fields. Fighting with the enemy is ahead! Here are a few photos for you so far, and a video will follow soon – it will demonstrate both the UAV’s performance and the pictures of terrain it is able of delivering. We are always ready to show you the exclusive things that no one else can.

Let us remind you what is all this about. Within a separate Seven Copters PC-1 charitable project aimed to supporting of the Ukrainian Army, the People’s Project Volunteer Center orders manufacturing of unique unmanned aerial vehicles. These copters are designed and manufactured by a Ukrainian Ukrspecsystems brand: their engineers have been engaged in development and improvement of this UAV’s technical characteristics since the first days of the war. Now this very model of the copter meets the entire complex of requirements set by even the most exacting military; moreover – today a number of major companies all over the world got highly interested in the Ukrspecsystems products.

Only recently we have transferred another two UAVs to our military. The first one was sent to the Marines who just had to advance to the forefront from their permanent location. They were using it for all three summer months and got their pilot trained – now he has been instructing others on the UAV handling techniques as well.

It is summer. The Marines’ air reckon specialist is undergoing training

Another copter was sent to a specific mysterious and fearsome unit whose fighters scout around and across the frontline – therefore, they must every minute keep an eye of the enemy and calculate their actions three steps ahead. The copter is being helpful for this unit in tracking safe routes across the contact line, avoiding the enemy’s traps and stakeouts awaiting our scouts here and there.

What makes this copter so special that all military including the scouts and even the unnamed elite special forces unit fighters are so happy with? The fact is, this UAV is distinguished among the rest due to its prominent technical characteristics. It is highly autonomous, able of transferring data via encrypted channels, steadily stable in the air irrespectively of the weather conditions, light-weight and easy to control – its assembling and launch takes just two minutes.

The pic delivered by the PC-1: this is the terrorists’ position disclosed thanks to the UAV. The enemy’s armored vehicles are hidden in the shrub.  

Still the most important function the UAV is the possibility to mount onto it a module containing the high resolution optics and thermal imager. These devices enable our scouts to disclose the opponent’s hidden positions and stakeouts even in the night time and at long distances. At this, the scouts themselves remain safe and undetected – this is the feature for which our military value the UAV the best, – both those who already got the copter and those who requested it but still have not been that lucky to obtain this little helper yet.

It is worth mentioning that within this conjointly run project, the Ukrspecsystems company is manufacturing these copters at the first cost, and on some positions even at the loss-making price. Additionally, over time we have repetitively withdrawn all the UAVs we had sent to the forefront before, and the Ukrspecsystems engineers radically modernized these. Eventually, all former quadcopters got remodeled into octocopters! Actually, even the title of the project gone outdated as well, since the number of both modernized and newly sent UAVs have already exceeded just seven items a while ago.

Let us remind you once again that the war is still on, and our military are in constant need of new inventories for both active work and their personal security. We urge you to participate in the project, as each hryvnia of your donations makes us closer to ordering another copter assembled, got another scout pilot trained and another unit provided with “eyes”, which altogether leads to saving lives of another dozens of good guys who are now defending our peaceful life and protecting us against the enemy attacks, sitting in their cold trenches. So please do not stay away as to win this war we need to combine our efforts and act in unity.


Altogether on the project

Seven copters PC-1

941 people


1 192 540 UAH (43 153 USD)

of 1 122 965 UAH (40 635 USD) needed

106% raised

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