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The Marines

Thermal imager chargers and batteries for Marines

The Marines have at their service EOTech X320 thermal imagers. However, the impressions the fighters have from using these devices are divided. The benefits they mentioned include: compact, small size and weight, the range for defensive action is relatively normal, and there are different modes of heat detection. The cons: limited range and operating angle, and with the thermal imager there was only one set of batteries, which is enough for a couple of hours of operation of this device.
Where there’s a problem there is a solution. The team at The People’s Project have stepped in and bought batteries and chargers for the Marine’s thermal imagers. This will greatly increase the appliances ability to detect enemy forces at night.
We thank the company for providing discounts on the batteries and chargers!

13/08/2015ExtraDigital BC180 battery charger10 2 500.04Delivered to military unit А 1965
13/08/2015Beston AA 2500 mAh Ni-MH accumulator10 1 899.99Delivered to military unit А 1965
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Project Completed

The Marines

Support for the ATO participants from the 1st Detached marine battalion

military units А2802, А1965, А2777
715 590 UAH (25 894 USD) needed
100% raised
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