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Help to 72nd Mechanized Brigade

Thermal scopes for 72nd Brigade

Recently we asked for assistance in equipping the 72nd Mechanized Brigade. Fortunately, we got quick response from sponsors. Thanks to their support we provided the military with two Pulsar Apex XD38S thermal weapon scopes. The gear was immediately transferred to the commander of the unit responsible for defending a significant segment of the front line.
To say the soldiers were happy to receive thermal scopes would be an understatement. With these devices machine gunners are able to see in the dark, through fog and smog, in rain and snow leaving no chance of the enemy going unnoticed and forcing them to think twice before trying to attack the positions of our defenders

Pulsar Apex XD38 in action

24/07/2015Thermal weapon scope Pulsar Apex XD38S2 203 764.00delivered to military unit В 0849
24/07/2015Mount for thermal weapon scope2 1 936.00delivered to military unit В 0849
24/07/2015Side mount with Picatinny rail2 486.00delivered to military unit В 0849
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Project Completed

Help to 72nd Mechanized Brigade

Providing military of the 72nd Mechanized Brigade with modern equipment

military unit В 0849
1 413 349 UAH (53 980 USD) needed
100% raised
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