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Navy SEALs

Thermal weapon scope for Navy SEALs

Thermal weapon scope for Navy SEALs
Recently we received from a sponsor five thermal weapon scopes. Among them were two Guide 162C models one of which we sent to the Navy SEALs.
The difference between thermal weapon the Guide scope model 162В and the 162С is an enlarged lens which allows for the recognition of objects at a greater distance.
Thermal weapon scope Guide 162C, specifications:
– Matrix 384 х 288;
– Frame rate 50 Hz;
– 105 mm object-glass;
– 2x and 4x electronic zoom;
– viewing angle 2,2°x1,7°.

For lead volunteer of the project the delivery took a solemn turn when it became known the captain of the 73rd Special Purpose Marine Centre Mychaylo Goryainov was killed serving with military unit A1594.
He was an officer of the highest order sacrificing himself by returning fire to allow his brothers-in-arms to escape the line of fire. On the night of June 6 with the support of volunteers the body of the Ukrainian hero was recovered in exchange for those of dead terrorists.
His funeral service was attended by a lot of people. All who said sadly Mychaylo was a good man and a man with everything going for him. He had a good family in his wife and daughter, wealth, and a high position. He was robbed of the chance of seeing his service in the war in the East of Ukraine bring about a result, robbed of the chance to lead a happy and fulfilled life. Mychaylo is gone too soon.
War takes the best was the overiding sentiment.
It was in these circumstances that volunteer Oleh Mudrak delivered the weapon scope to the unit led by Mychaylo Goryainov, which will continue to protect Ukraine!
Thank you to all fallen heroes, you will not be forgotten!

08/06/2015Guide infrared IR 162С thermal weapon scope with mount1 176 573.00delivered to the military unit В2482
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Navy SEALs

Equipment for the special reconnaissance unit of Ukraine Naval Forces

military unit А 1594
3 086 315 UAH (115 450 USD) needed
100% raised
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