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25th Airborne Brigade

Thermal imager, pouches and slings for the 25th Brigade

Thermal imager, warm gloves, three-point rifle slings and magazine pouches – all these items were purchased with your help! The soldiers of the 25th Brigade are very grateful to all who supported the project.
The next step is to purchase the rest of the gear needed. It is lot of work, but with your help we can handle it!

18/03/2015Thermal imager Pulsar Quantum HD50S1 96 900.00delivered to military unit B4745
18/03/2015Warm gloves300 36 300.00delivered to military unit А1126
18/03/2015Magazine pouch30 5 100.00delivered to military unit А1126
18/03/2015Three-point sling40 --delivered to military unit А1126
18/03/2015Ground pads20 400.00delivered to military unit А1126
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Project Completed

25th Airborne Brigade

Support of the 25th Airborne Brigade soldiers

military unit А1126
885 926 UAH (37 091 USD) needed
100% raised
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