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Back to Fight! 2

Tourists get new gear

“Tourists”, the Navy intelligence unit, thanks to the support of benefactors, the volunteers of The People’s Project have delivered devices to enhance their combat effectiveness. Every time we deliver optical instruments to the “tourists” we understand we are placing devices in good hands, those who can and will be able to use them.
Also, at the request of “tourists” for the ship Netishin , which they use in their tasks, we passed on much needed instruments. A diesel generator and a Raymarine CPT-100 sonar sensor provided by the “People’s Life” project.

15/12/2015Night vision monoculars Armasight Sirius IDI MG1 25 110.00delivered to military unit А1430
15/12/2015Armasight Helmet Mount1 4 238.00delivered to military unit А1430
15/12/2015Sonar sensor Raymarine CPT-1001 4 200.00delivered to military unit А1228
15/12/2015Diesel generator 5.5 kW Forte FGD6500E31 --delivered to military unit A1228
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Back to Fight! 2

Supplying combat units with essential equipment.

military units А0224, А1430, Alpha
1 589 894 UAH (57 531 USD) needed
100% raised
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