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People’s Communication

Digital communication devices delivered to 79th brigade

The People’s project delivered 20 Motorola DP-2400 radio sets, 20 Motorola DP-4801 and one Motorola DR-3000 repeater to the fighters of 79th DABB. Communication via these devices is difficult to intercept and decrypt, since each model is equipped with a so called “scrambler” which transforms the received signal into electromagnetic noise. In warfare, especially at the front line, it’s a very useful device.


01 293


26/08/2014Radios MotorolaDP-240010 71 280.00delivered to 79th Airmobile Brigade
26/08/2014Radios Motorola DP-480110 --delivered to 79th Airmobile Brigade
26/08/2014Battery for Motorola DP-240010 7 155.00delivered to 79th Airmobile Brigade
26/08/2014Cable HKN 41372 460.00delivered to 79th Airmobile Brigade
26/08/2014Antenna DLM136.ЗМО2 640.00delivered to 79th Airmobile Brigade
26/08/2014Kable RJ-8120 м 6 600.00delivered to 79th Airmobile Brigade
26/08/2014Lightning protection2 900.00delivered to 79th Airmobile Brigade
26/08/2014Battery PMNN4409AR Lilon3 6 210.00delivered to 79th Airmobile Brigade
26/08/2014Antenna RA-1505/C2 5 200.00delivered to 79th Airmobile Brigade
26/08/2014Duplex filter DSPR1501-C62 4 400.00delivered to 79th Airmobile Brigade
26/08/2014Speaker microphone2 1 950.00delivered to 79th Airmobile Brigade
26/08/2014Repeater Motorola DR3000 with antenna, garment bag and rechargeable battery1 --delivered to 79th Airmobile Brigade
26/08/2014Programing cable PMKN4012B1 --delivered to 79th Airmobile Brigade
26/08/2014Programing cable PMKN4016B1 --delivered to 79th Airmobile Brigade
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Project Completed

People’s Communication

Arrangement of protected and safe intercommunication inside the battalions, squadrons and platoons for more effective coordination.

1 342 385 UAH (53 662 USD) needed
100% raised
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