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People’s Communication

Radios for 79th Airmobile Brigade

Mykolaiv 79th Detached Airmobile Brigade is the one of the best military formations in Ukraine. Volunteers of People’s Project have been helping different divisions of the brigade for a while now. Twenty three digital radios CSI CS were transferred to the fighters from the People’s Communication project. Fifteen radios have been delivered to Artillery division and eight to the reconnaissance squad to the First people’s scout project.

14/11/2014Digital radios CSI CS 7008 27 144.00transferred to First people’s scout
14/11/2014Digital radios CSI CS 70015 50 895.00delivered to Artillery division, military unit A 0224
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Project Completed

People’s Communication

Arrangement of protected and safe intercommunication inside the battalions, squadrons and platoons for more effective coordination.

1 342 385 UAH (53 662 USD) needed
100% raised
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