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Back to Fight! 2

Volunteers deliver Mykolaiv-based Alpha essential equipment

Recently, volunteers from The People’s Project purchased and delivered to to the special forces from the Mykolaiv-based Alpha unit devices. Now, with one PKM silencer the fighters will be stealthier, while with three AKM suppressor will ensure muzzle flash will not be seen at night.

inside 3

inside 2

Also in preparation for the summer heat, we gave the guys 12 Condor hydration carrier backpacks. These in the field water carriers are very useful and convenient, allowing for the easy transport of water supplies, and allows the soldiers safely drink without making unnecessary movements when they have wait to ambush.

inside 1

inside 4

Along with the new delivery, the volunteers returned to “Alpha” group refurbished COMBAT.UA collimators.

inside 5

We and the fighters thank everyone who helped and supported our project. Thanks to you, our forces are better equipped and more confident. Meanwhile, despite the supposed ceasefire the situation on the front is at a point where firefights are constantly escalating. Ukraine’s military, which hold the front line, need assistance. In practice, even one imager, or thermal imaging night sight can strongly influence the situation in the battle against the DNR terrorists. That’s why we ask you to support the Rapid Response and to help buy the military advanced instruments that give them an advantage and will help to not only stop the enemy, but more importantly, protect Ukraine’s soldiers.

20/05/2016PKM flame arresters3 1 800.00delivered to Alpha Special Forces
20/05/2016PKM Silencer1 3 000.00delivered to Alpha Special Forces
20/05/2016Condor Oasis hydration carrier tan backpack1 668.00delivered to Alpha Special Forces
20/05/2016Condor Tidepool hydration carrier tan backpack11 7 787.00delivered to Alpha Special Forces
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Project Completed

Back to Fight! 2

Supplying combat units with essential equipment.

military units А0224, А1430, Alpha
1 589 894 UAH (57 531 USD) needed
100% raised
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