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Help Donbas Battalion

Winter sleeping bags and pads for Battalion Donbas

Today the volunteers of battalion Donbas received 70 winter sleeping bags and sleeping pads and 30 sets of sleeping bag and sleeping pads. We hope this aid will make the lives of the ATO fighters a bit more comfortable. From the People’s Project and on behalf of our defenders we thank everyone who contributed.

14/01/2015Winter sleeping bags70 28 000.00delivered to mu 3027, Donbas Battalion
14/01/2015 Sleeping pads70 3 850.00delivered to mu 3027, Donbas Battalion
14/01/2015Sleeping bag and sleeping pad30 12 090.00delivered to mu 3027, Donbas Battalion
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Project Completed

Help Donbas Battalion

Equipment for the Donbas voluntary battalion of Donetsk region territorial defence.

military unit 3027
1 013 999 UAH (36 692 USD) needed
100% raised
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