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Artillery. Recovering after Debaltseve

Withdrawal from Debaltseve

The situation in Debaltseve changed dramatically in the days following the supposed ceasefire coming into effect. Now this territory is controlled by the terrorists who used the ceasefire to their advantage. The withdrawal from encirclement has been fraught with difficulty. There was no possibility to save some equipment and Ukrainian forces attempted to destroy artillery pieces that were to be left behind lest they fall into the hands of the enemy. They made a heroic breakthrough on two KAMAZ from the bridgehead. During the breakthrough two soldiers were wounded.
Debaltseve is no longer controlled by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, but that does not mean that we are not going to help the 55th Artillery Brigade. The first howitzer battery crew is safe, but the war goes on and the military continue to do their duty – to protect Ukraine’s territorial integrity. Nearly everything of value they had the soldiers had to leave behind, and now their situation is more desperate. Heavy artillery is the core strength of the army. We should help to restore that military logistical base and provide them with the equipment essential to them being able to serve their country.

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Artillery. Recovering after Debaltseve

Help to the 55th Artillery Brigade which is positioned on the front line.

military unit В0105, А1978
2 590 954 UAH (93 756 USD) needed
100% raised
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