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Tactical equipment and tools for the military

275 people donated
250 039 uah (6 834 USD)
of 250 000 uah (6 832 USD)
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Updated 04.10.2023 at 15:55
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As always, the priority of our foundation is to provide targeted assistance to the military and meet their immediate needs, whether it is drones and thermal imagers or heating pads and warm clothing. Recently, the military we regularly support, namely the 79th, 28th, 36th Brigades, and the 128th TRO unit, asked us to provide them with tools. In order to be able to build trenches, dugouts and change positions, which is extremely important in the areas of active combat operations, they need a large number of them:

– Shovels

– Pry bars

– Pickaxes

– Chainsaws

You can never have too many tools, but everyone knows that the first weapon of infantry is a shovel. The average price for one unit is 500-600 UAH. We have previously sent several models of shovels to the 28th Brigade to help them decide which ones to buy in large quantities.

We are launching the collection for UAH 200,000 in order to cover the needs of the military in the shortest possible time. We aim to close the collection in a few weeks, so please join in!

  • 06May2023

    Бюджет проекту збільшений на 50 000 грн


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Raised: 250 039 UAH(6 834 USD)
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250 039 UAH (6 834 USD)
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