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Military Thermal Underwear for Ukrainian Warriors

257 people donated
350 080 uah (9 549 USD)
of 350 000 uah (9 546 USD)
100% raised
Updated 06.12.2023 at 19:35
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Ukrainian volunteers struggle to keep their defenders warm and ask the international community for help. This project aims at supporting courageous soldiers in the Kherson direction with a set of thermal underwear clothing.

  • Total required: 357 sets of thermal underwear;

  • The cost of one unit: 700 hryvnias ($19);

  • Total cost: 250,000 hryvnias ($6769).

Who Needs this Thermal Underwear?

Artillerymen, special forces, mortarmen, and marines in the Kherson direction urgently need thermal underwear and are already waiting for the sets. Moreover, this program will provide help to the following people:

  • Doctors, paramedics, and emergency medical technicians who provide life-saving treatment to people affected by hostilities;

  • Volunteers.

Why can’t we delay and wait for supplies from the Ministry of Defense? Because the soldiers have been in the fields for months, it is very cold in the open area, and mass deliveries of winter uniforms to Ukraine began only in September. Winter military clothing is distributed among units only after careful accounting and prioritization; however, the cold weather doesn’t wait and already affects our defenders.

It is within our power to promptly sew and dress our soldiers right now. Galina Bentsak volunteered to take the urgent order. Her sewing workshop has already created more than one hundred high-quality fleece jackets, raincoats, underwear, tactical shirts, and other clothing for the Armed Forces. We know that the apparel she makes has been tested by time and action.

Characteristics of the Military Thermal Underwear

The demi-season special military thermal underwear is a set of long-sleeve vests and demi-season pants (long johns).

The approved material for this batch is a mixture of angora, viscose, polyester, and elastane. The fabric is suitable for active movements and has a great hand feel.

Each set element will have flat seams, finished with an elastic thread. Thermal long johns will feature a sewn-in elastic band, cuffs, a high-waisted solid waistband, and a gusset.

The model is designed according to the specifics of the body structure and is not only warm but also comfortable and durable, which is extremely important in conditions of extreme cold and body loads.

Thermal underwear will have three sizes S-M, L-XL, and 2XL-3XL.

The entire batch will be ready in two weeks, so we need to raise funds as soon as possible. Let’s transfer a piece of heat to our defenders. Let’s donate to provide them with thermal underwear together!

  • 07October2022

    The budget of the project has been increased by 100 000 uah


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