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Raising funds for DJI MAVIC 3

40 people donated
557 557 uah (13 773 USD)
of 815 000 uah (20 131 USD)
68% raised
Updated 30.05.2024 at 9:05


Fundraising for DJI MAVIC 3 drones for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The amount raised: 560,000 UAH ($15241)

Our goal is to raise funds to purchase 7 DJI MAVIC 3 drones. These drones will be sent to support the 79th, 36th, and 28th brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Thanks to these drones, our military will be able to use them to adjust artillery fire, adjust the work of the FPV pilot, as well as to adjust and reconnoiter for the benefit of other units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Your contribution to this fundraiser is essential in supporting our defenders at the forefront. Together, we can provide them with the necessary resources and technology to defend our country and crush the enemy.

Please join this initiative and help our military in their vital work to protect Ukraine. Thank you for your attention and support!

  • 10December2023

    The project budget has been increased by 560 000 UAH


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Raised: 557 557 UAH(13 773 USD)
Still needed 257 443 UAH(6 358 USD)
Spent 0 UAH(0 USD)
Balance 557 557 UAH(13 773 USD)
557 557 UAH (13 773 USD)
Settlement account UA963052990000026004021713245
20/05/2418:0150 UAH
17/05/2414:58100 UAH
16/05/2423:08400 UAH 516780*78
10/05/2413:5960 UAH 515547*94
07/05/2417:562 979 UAH
04/05/2420:5110 EUR 535456*26
03/05/2416:4320 EUR 535456*26
30/04/2421:13500 UAH
26/04/2423:2311 UAH ******1652
Totally (with regard to the amount of the fee*): 557 557.00 UAH (13 773 USD)
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