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Anti-FPV dome

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Dear friends!

We are asking you to join an important initiative to raise funds for the purchase of equipment for the A4025, 79th Air Assault Brigade, and the 28th Brigade, which is critically important for our military, who are defending our country in the Donetsk sector.


Our goal is to provide them with modern and effective means of responding to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and electronic warfare threats.


Why it is important

Ensuring the safety of our military: The UAV Detector and Trench-REB devices will allow detecting and counteracting threats from enemy drones and electronic systems.

Support for combat capabilities: Our soldiers need modern technologies to fight effectively in difficult combat conditions.


How you can help

Financial support: Small or large amounts will help purchase these vital devices.

Spreading the word: Tell your friends, colleagues, and family about our initiative.

A small contribution from each of us can make a massive difference to those on the front line defending our country. Join our common cause and help us provide our soldiers with the necessary equipment.


Thank you for your support and assistance!

Sincerely, team

  • 20November2023

    The project budget has been increased by 1 000 000 UAH


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Raised: 978 526 UAH(25 644 USD)
Still needed 21 474 UAH(563 USD)
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Balance 978 526 UAH(25 644 USD)
978 526 UAH (25 644 USD)
Settlement account UA943052990000026002011705180
26/12/2301:31500 UAH 535561*17
25/12/2322:15100 UAH 545708*70
25/12/2319:2933 UAH ******1354
25/12/2316:46270 UAH ******1354
22/12/2314:41500 UAH ******1620
21/12/2312:06UAH 547276*44
19/12/2322:25100 EUR 456933*06
19/12/2313:171 000 UAH 535838*83
18/12/2323:46100 EUR 422174*81
Totally (with regard to the amount of the fee*): 978 526.00 UAH (25 644 USD)
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