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Rescue Drones to Free Kherson Region

2031 people donated
1 786 000 uah (48 795 USD)
of 1 800 000 uah (49 177 USD)
99% raised
Updated 04.10.2023 at 17:20


The war in the south of Ukraine is far from over. But now, soldiers of the Ukrainian army are preparing for decisive actions in the Kherson direction. We have the opportunity to bring closer the long-awaited moment of the liberation of the Kherson region, free the residents and continue the counteroffensive in the south of Ukraine.

For many months, the residents of the south have been threatened by enemy planes, rocket attacks, and kamikaze drones. It’s time for the defenders of Ukraine to take the initiative into their own hands and create an army of drones and quadcopters that will bring terror into the eyes of the invaders who did not have time to escape from Ukrainian land. For the Armed Forces of Ukraine, such an army will make it possible to see, determine and bring down artillery firepower precisely on the heads of the invaders.

What are we donating for?

For too long, the russian troops terrorized the territory of the Kherson region, defiling the Ukrainian city with their russian passports and rubles. It’s time to get rid of this garbage along with the carriers.

To begin the long-awaited large-scale de-occupation of the Kherson region, the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine need not only high-precision weapons, but also reconnaissance devices. That is why we are announcing the largest fundraiser for drones in the southern region – raising funds to purchase 20+ high-tech quadcopters for reconnaissance and enemy detection.

Our Goal – 20 Drones with Surveillance Kit

Our goal is 20+ modern, professional-grade remote surveillance kits.

  1. DJI Mavic 3 quadcopters

  2. DJI Mavic 3 Fly More Combo drones and accessories

  3. Autel EVO II drones

  4. Components:

  • Pgytech safety carrying cases for drones;

  • DJI chargers for quadcopter batteries;

  • Power Inverters 12V-220V by Voltronic;

  • PowerOak Bluetti portable power stations.

Drones from this project have already been received by the 61st Jager Infantry Brigade, 59th Separate Motorized Infantry Brigade, 36th Separate Marine Brigade, and the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The drones are already helping soldiers to protect Ukraine’s freedom on the front lines.


The technical perfection of such equipment will allow fighters to detect and destroy the enemy’s equipment, warehouses, and living concentration of the enemy from afar, excluding victims among civilians, their property, and the infrastructure of the settlements.

Join the fundraiser and contribute to the liberation of Ukrainian cities and the rescue of civilians of Ukrainian cities. Let’s show the occupiers what high-precision weapons are!


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Raised: 1 786 000 UAH(48 795 USD)
Still needed 14 000 UAH(382 USD)
Spent 592 975 UAH(16 215 USD)
Balance 1 193 025 UAH(32 579 USD)
1 786 000 UAH (48 795 USD)
Settlement account 26004021713245
28/09/2317:30189 UAH ******1354
28/09/2302:24100 UAH ******1354
27/09/2314:23100 EUR 456353*92
26/09/2321:07500 UAH
23/09/2311:19100 UAH 516874*90
21/09/2310:511 000 UAH 516749*68
18/09/2311:20400 UAH ******4278
17/09/2317:0450 EUR 481001*68
16/09/2318:39200 UAH 535528*15
Totally (with regard to the amount of the fee*): 1 786 000.00 UAH (48 795 USD)
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* Currency is converted automatically into Ukrainian hryvnias at the moment of transfer.

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592 975 UAH (16 215 USD)
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Total: 592 975.00 UAH (16 215 USD)