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Combat Boots – 1K

21 people donated
480 623 uah (20 123 USD)
of 480 623 uah (20 122 USD)
100% raised
Updated 28.11.2015 at 17:00

Why is it important?

Footwear – is an emergency  necessity for the Ukrainian military.

Though the anti-terrorist operation has dragged out for more than half a year, our soldiers are still wearing hard, uncomfortable and often old, leaky  boots, sometimes worn by several predecessors. They chafe the feet and the shin – because they are made without a padded lining. The greatest satisfaction for many soldiers is to take them off.

What’s the money raised for?

We call for money to be raise for 1000 pairs of high-quality boots. On the threshold of the harsh winter we want to provide at least 1000 fighters for the sovereignty of Ukraine with warm, soft, anti-slip footwear.
We are buying Ukraine-made boots. They are made mostly of Ukrainian materials, except for the glue and additional items from European Union.
The cost of one pair is 475 UAH.

750 copy

Why do we regard these shoes as being worthy? In our opinion, we found the most appropriate option for our military on Ukrainian market with a good cost-quality ratio.
Their main characteristics:

– Each pair is made of high-quality natural cow leather, expected to withstand extreme conditions.
– Highly waterproofed. Firstly, the whole boot was treated with special substance that repels water. Secondly, there is a full height sealed-tongue, which prevents the boots from becoming wet even if  immersed in water.
– Comfortable on the shin thanks to the soft padding inside the tongue. The shin is not squeezed in the case of active bending nor if laced up tightly.
– Strong laces treated with a substance that prevents them slipping undone.
– Tough, chemical-proof sole due to the fibrotekstone membrane, which additionally protects the foot in case of sole being pierced.
– The sole is stitched, that endures the quality of connection. The sutures in the base part of the boot are soaked with the wax mixture for increased waterproofing.
– The boot toe and heel are reinforced. The lower part of the shoe and where it is in contact with the leg are lined with natural veal leather lining.
– No metal rivets are used, with all joints using strong thread (critical places are stitched several times). The thread is rot-proof, as they are made of the same fiber as fishing nets.

So, the project budget:

Combat boots
Combat boots
paid 100%
1046/1046 pairs
474 683 UAH
Rubber boots
Rubber boots
paid 100%
60/60 pairs
5 940 UAH

Totally:   480 623.00 UAH

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Donations received
480 623
20 122 $
Raised: 480 623 UAH(20 123 USD)
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Spent 480 623 UAH(13 143 USD)
Balance 0 UAH(6 980 USD)
480 623 UAH (20 123 USD)
Sponsor contributions (payments directly to providers)
24/10/14204000 UAHSponsorship
24/10/14217643 UAHSponsorship
24/10/1453040 UAHSponsorship from "Narodnyi tyl"
Total: 474 683 UAH (12 981 USD)
Settlement account
21/11/1413:30278 UAH
21/11/1413:30220 UAH
21/11/1413:30520 UAH
25/10/1402:1120 UAH
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24/10/1415:29250 UAH ******5058
24/10/1414:19150 UAH ******1304
24/10/1413:251 500 UAH ******5705
24/10/1410:56505 UAH
24/10/1409:51475 UAH ******6501
24/10/1409:36100 UAH ******8706
24/10/1406:421 000 UAH ******0965
24/10/1406:01100 UAH ******2574
24/10/1406:01345 UAH ******3000
23/10/1417:22450 UAH ******8297
Totally (with regard to the amount of the fee*): 5 940.00 UAH (249 USD)
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480 623 UAH (13 143 USD)
Current project spending
19/01/2015Rubber boots (pairs)60 5 940.00delivered to military unit А 2062
16/01/2015Combat boots3 1 360.50Dnipro Battalion, 1st unit
16/01/2015Combat boots10 4 535.001st Brigade
16/01/2015Combat boots6 2 721.00Kramatorsk Battalion
16/01/2015Combat boots1 453.50reconnaissance squad
16/01/2015Combat boots5 2 267.50other volunteer organizations
16/01/2015Combat boots20 9 070.00123rd infantry Battalion
16/01/2015Combat boots24 10 884.0030th mobile missile division
16/01/2015Combat boots15 6 802.501st tank brigade
16/01/2015Combat boots3 1 360.5092nd Brigade
16/01/2015Combat boots3 1 360.5093rd Brigade
16/01/2015Combat boots38 17 233.00special communication squad
16/01/2015Combat boots2 907.0072nd Brigade
16/01/2015Combat boots4 1 814.00Detached Airborne squad
16/01/2015Combat boots12 5 442.00Security Service
16/01/2015Combat boots7 3 174.5010th mobile border guard squad
16/01/2015Combat boots3 1 360.50Kulchitsky Battalion, medical unit
16/01/2015Combat boots9 4 081.503rd special forces regiment
16/01/2015Combat boots15 6 802.50special communication squad
16/01/2015Combat boots3 1 360.50Airport
16/01/2015Combat boots1 453.5011 Brigade, 3 squad
16/01/2015Combat boots3 1 360.50military unit А 0297
16/01/2015Combat boots1 453.50Alpha special forces unit
16/01/2015Combat boots12 5 442.00Special forces, special unit
16/01/2015Combat boots4 1 814.0012th officers Battalion
16/01/2015Combat boots1 453.5024th Brigade
16/01/2015Combat boots10 4 535.00169th Company tactical team
16/01/2015Combat boots6 2 721.0042nd Battalion
16/01/2015Combat boots1 453.50military unit 3137
16/01/2015Combat boots6 2 721.00Desna training center
16/01/2015Combat boots6 2 721.00Aidar Battalion
16/01/2015Combat boots10 4 535.00Joint air force unit
16/01/2015Combat boots14 6 349.00Golden Gate Battalion
16/01/2015Combat boots14 6 349.00military unit А 2272
16/01/2015Combat boots5 2 267.50military doctors
16/01/2015Combat boots9 4 081.50Kulchitskiy Battalion
16/01/2015Combat boots1 453.50Crimea battalion
16/01/2015Combat boots2 906.401st missile division, 3rd battery
16/01/2015Combat boots6 2 721.00Reconnaissance platoon
16/01/2015Combat boots4 1 814.00Joint unit antiaircraft missile forces
16/01/2015Combat boots14 6 349.00sniper unit
16/01/2015Combat boots1 453.503rd tank Battalion
16/01/2015Combat boots3 1 360.50Sich Battalion
16/01/2015Combat boots34 15 419.00Lugansk-1 Battalion
16/01/2015Combat boots6 2 721.00Military Police
16/01/2015Combat boots5 2 267.50military unit А0297
16/01/2015Combat boots3 1 360.50Galychina battalion
16/01/2015Combat boots3 1 360.50Security service Lugansk
16/01/2015Combat boots3 1 360.50Kyiv regional Security service
16/01/2015Combat boots11 4 988.50Security service Donetsk
16/01/2015Combat boots8 3 628.00Security service Slaviansk
16/01/2015Combat boots8 3 628.00Right Sector
16/01/2015Combat boots52 23 582.00National guard
16/01/2015Combat boots1 453.5054th detached reconnaissance battalion
16/01/2015Combat boots1 453.50military unit 3002
16/01/2015Combat boots10 4 535.00Chernigiv border guard unit
16/01/2015Combat boots11 4 988.50Odessa border guard unit
16/01/2015Combat boots5 2 267.5010 mobile border guard unit
16/01/2015Combat boots20 9 070.00128th Brigade
16/01/2015Combat boots9 4 081.50101st Brigade
16/01/2015Combat boots3 1 360.50ATO provision battalion
16/01/2015Combat boots9 4 081.5095th Brigade
16/01/2015Combat boots10 4 535.00military unit 5912
16/01/2015Combat boots2 907.0092 Brigade
16/01/2015Combat boots30 13 605.0080 Brigade
16/01/2015Combat boots1 453.5079th Brigade, 42nd Battalion
16/01/2015Combat boots17 7 709.5073rs Brigade, Navy Seals
16/01/2015Combat boots8 3 628.0055th Brigade
16/01/2015Combat boots5 2 267.5037th Battalion
16/01/2015Combat boots5 2 267.50military unit 5509, 1st infantry devision
16/01/2015Combat boots16 7 256.0030th Brigade
16/01/2015Combat boots8 3 628.0028th Brigade
16/01/2015Combat boots17 7 709.5025th Battalion
16/01/2015Combat boots1 453.50military unit 0105
16/01/2015Combat boots31 14 058.5012th Battalion
16/01/2015Combat boots59 26 756.508th Special Regiment
16/01/2015Combat boots22 9 977.003rd Special Fores regiment
16/01/2015Combat boots34 15 419.001st Brigade
16/01/2015Combat boots11 4 988.50Security service Donetsk
16/01/2015Combat boots20 9 070.0030th Brigade, reconnaissance
16/01/2015Combat boots9 4 081.50Donbas battalion, 1st unit
16/01/2015Combat boots6 2 721.00missile battery
16/01/2015Combat boots6 2 721.00special group Island
16/01/2015Combat boots4 1 814.00128th Brigade
16/01/2015Combat boots20 9 070.0017th Brigade, 3rd regiment
16/01/2015Combat boots4 1 814.0028th Brigade
16/01/2015Combat boots17 7 709.5026th Brigade
16/01/2015Combat boots1 453.5072nd Brigade
16/01/2015Combat boots11 4 988.5024th Brigade
16/01/2015Combat boots25 11 337.50border guard unit Kyiv
16/01/2015Combat boots9 4 081.50Special unit, scouts
16/01/2015Combat boots1 453.50joint Border Regiment
16/01/2015Combat boots11 4 988.508th special regiment
16/01/2015Combat boots20 9 070.00Naval Border Guard unit, Maryupil
16/01/2015Combat boots1 453.50medical unit
16/01/2015Combat boots17 7 709.508th Battalion
16/01/2015Combat boots9 4 081.50military unit А 0168
16/01/2015Combat boots5 2 267.5026th Brigade
16/01/2015Combat boots4 1 814.00Kyiv Security service
16/01/2015Combat boots5 2 267.50Azov battalion
16/01/2015Combat boots7 3 174.503 regiment
16/01/2015Combat boots4 1 814.0012th Battalion
16/01/2015Combat boots4 1 814.00OSCE guard
16/01/2015Combat boots3 1 360.50missile battery of 93 rd Brigade
16/01/2015Combat boots10 4 535.00sabotage and reconnaissance groups
16/01/2015Combat boots1 453.5017-th Battalion of territorial deffense
16/01/2015Combat boots1 453.50mortar squad of 54 reconnaissance battalion
16/01/2015Combat boots15 7 125.00delivered to "Help Saint Nicholas Battalion" project
Total: 480 622.90 UAH (13 143 USD)