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Electric Generators for Ukrainian Defenders

417 people donated
580 195 uah (13 993 USD)
of 500 000 uah (12 059 USD)
100% raised
Updated 18.07.2024 at 4:10
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Russian terrorists are hitting critical infrastructure facilities and trying to leave Ukrainian people without electricity, i.e., no heat, communication, or light. That’s why, during the last month, all Ukrainians rushed to buy diesel and gasoline generators for their homes.

But what about those who are now at the frontline? After all, generators charge not only phones and walkie-talkies, but also all-important military equipment. Things are getting worse with the crazy demand in the local market. Electricity generators of the military-required capacity are out of stock at most Ukrainian marketplaces and are almost impossible to buy. That is why we are announcing urgent fundraising for 10+ diesel and petrol generators for our defenders in the south-eastern frontline.

  • Total required: 10+ electric generators;

  • The cost of one item: 50 000 hryvnias on average ($1362);

  • Total cost: 500 000 hryvnias ($13629).

Who Needs the Generators?

We have already received urgent requests from the military:

  1. One 3 kW diesel generator for the 61st Jager Infantry Brigade.

  2. Four 5-7 kW diesel generators for the 36th Separate Marine Brigade.

  3. Two 5-7 kW diesel generators and three 2.5 kW gasoline generators for the 28th Mechanized Brigade.

We need to buy these generators as soon as possible because the delivery time of the equipment takes days of precious time. Let’s help Ukrainian defenders and provide them with portable electric devices, so they can charge their walkie-talkies, take drones into the air, fight effectively and liberate our homeland!


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Raised: 580 195 UAH(13 993 USD)
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Balance 580 195 UAH(13 993 USD)
580 195 UAH (13 993 USD)
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21/12/2211:188 000 UAH 473121*40
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21/12/2209:45190 USD 458190*69
21/12/2201:17155 UAH ******7025
21/12/2201:17100 USD 516739*68
20/12/2222:4990 UAH 516798*72
20/12/2221:471 000 UAH ******4444
20/12/2221:161 000 UAH 444111*01
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