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EcoFlow Сharging Stations for the Military in Ukraine

118 people donated
583 931 uah (14 821 USD)
of 750 000 uah (19 036 USD)
77% raised
Updated 15.04.2024 at 9:35


Drones and thermal imagers are the key to effective warfare. But in addition to the devices themselves, Ukrainian defendants highly need portable energy sources that can be quickly moved and run silently. That is why, at the request of the military, we are launching a fundraiser for EcoFlow charging stations.

Total cost: 500,000 hryvnias

The cost of one station: 30,000-50,000 hryvnias (EcoFlow DELTA, EcoFlow River and other similar models)

For what does the military need charging stations?

We asked the commanders of the 79th, 36th, and 28th military brigades. They explained that there is an urgent need for powerful EcoFlow charging stations (to charge thermal imagers that display images from drones). For other tasks, other uninterruptible power supplies such as LogicPower of different capacities are also required.

Why are EcoFlow charging stations important to the military?

Stable power supply: EcoFlow charging stations provide a stable power supply even in emergency situations, which helps ensure the uninterrupted operation of critical systems and equipment.

Mobility and compactness: Portable charging stations can be carried by hand and set up in any terrain, making them ideal for frontline operations.

Efficiency: They have a high conversion factor, which allows efficient use of available energy and ensures a long service life.

Chargers are very necessary right now, time is short and we can help Ukrainian defenders together. Join us, donate, and let's charge Ukraine’s victory!

  • 07January2024

    The project budget has been increased by 250 000 UAH


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Raised: 583 931 UAH(14 821 USD)
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Balance 583 931 UAH(14 821 USD)
583 931 UAH (14 821 USD)
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