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Project Completed

GoPro for Brave Youth

61 people donated
8 903 uah (344 USD)
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Updated 12.02.2018 at 18:36
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Why is it important?

He is a young boy who was not afraid to shoot the antics of drunken hooligans, did not hesitate to remind the police officers on duty to do their jobs, and not too lazy to go to the police station so the case was not hushed up. We are collecting money to buy GoPro camera to mark the courageous act of a true Ukrainian citizen.

Where does the money go?

On August 30 a shocking video was shot. Late at night on a street in Mykolaiv a drunken and aggressive major and damaged someone else’s car, insulted passersby and even beat one of those present, right in front of police. Numerous patrols arrived on the scene,  yet acted remarkably passive – they appeared afraid to stop the bullying man, and then almost let him go. The event divided Ukrainian society and raised a number of questions – both in terms of a specifically indecisive patrol and the regulatory framework that governs the actions of police in such cases.

In the following video you can for yourself. We pondered whether to censor the swearing and threats, which were peppered around by participants in the events. Finally, we decided to show all unabridged, so you understand what level the major’s drunken aggression reaches and see it is aimed at our hero and others.

We want to build civil society in which the rule of law prevails. Unfortunately, since Soviet times Ukrainian practice has been to ignore such “awkward” situations involving law enforcement officers. However, this publicity is the main weapon of citizens in the fight against tyranny. This incident would have remained unnoticed if not for a brave youth, a student at Academy of Law, who was at the scene and filmed everything from beginning to end. He faced direct contact with bullies, aggression and outright threats, and shot the reluctance of police officers to perform their duties but continued shooting at the scene, then he went on to take his footage to the police station.

Currently, in respect to the “major” and the indecisiveness of police an investigation continues. Would this be possible were it not for the young man shooting events?

We believe that the filming of a drunk and aggressive man, despite the threats, requires a level of courage. We believe we have to remind police officers to perform their duties. We believe that this manifestation of civil activity should be noted. That is why we are collecting money to buy GoPro action-camera and transfer it to the young man who shot the video. We only need to collect the funds – because the project involves the company Extreme Pride, the exclusive distributor of GoPro equipment in Ukraine. The company is financing part of the project and will provide qualified technical support.

We sincerely hope that such by taking such a course of action – instead of turning his head – this young man demonstrates what will be the basis of our future civil society. If you agree with this statement, if you believe that such courage is to be commended – Get involved in the project!

GoPro hero4 session
GoPro hero4 session
paid 100%
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5 709 UAH
including15% VAT snd 1,5% вmilitary tax
GoPro RP Frame Kit
GoPro RP Frame Kit
paid 100%
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1 219 UAH
GoPro Chest Mount Harness
GoPro Chest Mount Harness
paid 100%
1/1 un.
1 828 UAH

Totally:   8 755.00 UAH


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Raised: 8 903 UAH(344 USD)
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Spent 8 756 UAH(216 USD)
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8 903 UAH (344 USD)
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8 756 UAH (216 USD)
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09/09/2016GoPro hero4 session (including VAT)1 5 709.00delivered
09/09/2016GoPro Chest Mount Harness1 1 828.00delivered
09/09/2016GoPro RP Frame Kit1 1 219.00delivered
Total: 8 756.00 UAH (216 USD)