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ATVs for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

58 people donated
684 735 uah (16 929 USD)
of 650 000 uah (16 070 USD)
100% raised
Updated 24.06.2024 at 2:30
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Every day, the fight for Ukraine's freedom requires more and more support from us. Our military on the front line faces numerous challenges, and one of the most pressing is the need for high-speed and maneuverable transportation. That is why we are initiating a fundraising campaign to purchase ATVs for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The ATVs will allow our soldiers to maneuver more efficiently on different types of terrain, deliver aid quickly, and perform important tasks. Each of your contributions brings us closer to victory!

Join our campaign and support the speed and mobility of our heroes. Together, we are stronger!


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Raised: 684 735 UAH(16 929 USD)
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Balance 684 735 UAH(16 929 USD)
684 735 UAH (16 929 USD)
Settlement account UA543052990000026007021716421
03/06/2409:05301 000 UAH
02/06/2422:1310 UAH 516874*64
28/05/2415:40100 000 UAH
23/05/2417:33100 UAH 516874*59
23/05/2408:36200 UAH ******4245
22/05/2423:332 362 UAH
21/05/2415:0050 000 UAH
18/05/2410:2450 UAH ******9371
16/05/2418:31500 UAH ******1379
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