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Military Mobile Hospital

151 people


932 963 UAH (34 400 USD)

of 931 477 UAH (38 998 USD) needed

100% raised

Updated 28.11.2015 at 17:00
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Project manager

Why is the project important?

For the quality and timely medical help to wounded fighters in the ATO zone within field conditions, the 61st Mobile Military Hospital is in critical need of equipment and instruments.


На що збираються кошти?

Project budget
Necessary medical equipment
Oxygen concentrator New Life 10L4 units198 380 UAH
Medical ventilation apparatus Model EMV+Portable ventilator, Impact1 units125 190 UAH
Universal system for endovideosurgery1 units259 793 UAH
Processing machine AGFA CR-10001 units55 000 UAH
Portable X-ray system KRD 501 units95 000 UAH
Resuscitation surgical monitor UM-300-12 3 units101 115 UAH
X-ray protective apron2 units1 800 UAH
Additional equipment
Mechanical/semi-automatic external defibrillator Saver One P1 units39 723 UAH
Reagents for processing machine1 units925 UAH
Laryngoscope set with blades McIntosh, KaWe + 1Ambu1 units4 704 UAH
Cassette with green-sensitive screens GPG(400) 24X301 units3 100 UAH
Cassette with green-sensitive screens GPG(400) 30X401 units4 050 UAH
X-ray film Kodak MXG 24x30x1001 units940 UAH
X-ray film Kodak MXG 30x40x1001 units1 570 UAH
Closed tray10 units1 300 UAH
Panmed 1M1 units5 700 UAH
Autoclave1 units27 800 UAH
Laryngoscope set with blades McIntosh, KaWe+2 Ambu1 units5 387 UAH
Total:   931 477.00 UAH

Project discussion

Project News


Mykolaiv regional charitable foundation “BLAGOCHESTYA REGIONAL FUND”

PC CB PrivatBank
USREOU: 36143302
MFO: 326610
Account: 26009053209381
Purpose of payment: charity donation. Military mobile hospital

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