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Back to Fight!

military unit A0224, А2062, А1430, А1743, Alpha

384 people


305 343 UAH (12 784 USD)

of 250 000 UAH (10 466 USD) needed

122% raised

Updated 28.11.2015 at 17:00
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Project manager

Volunteer Valery Kisel Tel.: 067 1064445

Why is the project important?

Help the Tactical Intelligence Platoon from 79th ABB to be re-equipped after returning from the ATO zone for a short break. They were fighting in extremely tough conditions on the Russian border. But they successfully broke out of encirclement.

The breakthrough was tough. It’s a miracle the guys avoided huge losses. But there was a crucial choice to make – lose ammunition or lives. They chose the first option. Nothing is worth a human life. Video of their return was watched by 100,000 people just in two days.

Unfortunately large quantities of equipment was lost and damaged during the operations and escape. But we can help them get new equipment with, of course, your help.

They didn’t lose their fighting spirit and faith in Ukraine. That’s the key. The rest can be bought.

What’s the money raised for?

The list might be changed or updated. There’s lack of time…
Tactical Reconnaissance Platoon of 79th DAMB needs:

Project budget
Sleeping pad50 units
Sitting pad50 units
Folding shovel 30 units
Tactical Battle Uniform50 units
Boonie Hat50 units
Tactical Boots50 units
Backpack50 units
Long Sleeve Warm T-Shirt150 units
T-Shirt100 units
Load Carrying Vest50 units
Digital Radio Station25 units
GPS receiver5 units
Sleeping bag50 units
Flags of 79th ABB10 units
Total:   250 000.00 UAH

Project discussion

Project News

Mykolaiv regional charitable foundation “CHARITABLE FOUNDATION BLAGOCHESTYA”

PC CB PrivatBank
USREOU: 36143302
MFO: 326610
Account: 26002053209764
Purpose of payment: Charitable donation. Back to fight!

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