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Let’s Clean Donbas Together!

177 people donated
785 292 uah (18 940 USD)
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Updated 18.07.2024 at 4:10
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For the first time in the history of Ukraine, the non-profit NGO Ukrainian Deminers Association in cooperation with the Center for Volunteers “People’s Project” launched a large-scale project "Let’s Clean Donbas Together!" The project is aimed at clearing (demining) Ukrainian lands in eastern Ukraine of mines and explosives, which will save the lives and health of Ukrainians.

Today, about 700,000 hectares in the Government-controlled area of Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine alone are contaminated with explosives. In terms of the number of victims, Ukraine has already taken 3rd place in the world after Afghanistan and Mali. Statistics for 2020 compared to 2019 has deteriorated by almost 30%!

Please, be aware that we are not demining contact line, 0-5 km zone or “Grey zone”. We are acting in close cooperation with the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine and according to the “National Plan of Humanitarian Demining of Liberated Territory 2021”.

The Ukrainian Deminers Association’s project "Let’s Clean Donbas Together" in cooperation with the Center for Volunteers People’s Project is organized within the project "European Union for the Sustainability of Civil Society in Ukraine", implemented by ISAR “Ednannia” with the support of the European Union.

We appeal to everyone who cares about the fate of Ukraine, every patriot and philanthropist with a request to support the project "Let’s Clean Donbas Together!" We guarantee that everyone’s contribution will be used as it was intended and we will report to everyone what was done.
Thank you in advance to everyone!


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785 292 UAH (18 940 USD)
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