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Seven copters PC-1

A request from the military: scouts need help

Dear friends, may we share with you a direct request from the unit that have taken their positions in the forefront following the rotation. A couple of days ago they addressed us applying for assistance. The fighters need a reconnaissance UAV, one of the class we are sending to our military within the «Seven Copters PC-1» project. Unfortunately, this time People’s Project has to ask the military to wait for some time as at the moment we have run short of resources on manufacturing another copter. This means the scouts will be left without their “remote eyes” and will have to work within the direct contact range with the enemy, thus having to risk their lives.


But this situation can be changed radically. The matter is, we always keep our promises, carefully planning the whole process depending on how much money we have on a project’s account. Now it is enough only for completion of those copters we promised to manufacture for the subdivisions who are now on rotation preparing to take their positions soon. They are the units who will get the UAVs first. The other will have to wait for some time. But the more funds are raised for new UAVs, the sooner the scouts will get their so wishful and necessary copters. We urge you to help and if possible to make at least a small contribution to the project’s account. Believe us, right now this would be highly appropriate.


The Seven Copters PC-1 project is a joint initiative of the People’s Project volunteer center responsible for raising the necessary funds, and the Ukrspecsystems company which is specialized in manufacturing of hi-tech UAVs. Since the company’s main products are commercial industrial drones which successfully compete with the world’s latest inventions in the field, the practice proved that these very apparatuses equipped with thermal imagers and high definition cameras, are exceptionally welcome in military activities: they are efficiently used in artillery targeting process as well as in special forces and reconnaissance groups’ work. Particularly for the military’s purposes, within a charitable project, the Ukrspecsystems company is manufacturing these UAVs at the consumables first price, even if it is loss-making for the company.

This terrorists’ position was revealed exceptionally thanks to the UAV PC-1

PC-1 copters have earned flawless reputation in the forefront as well: both the scouting and special forces units to whom we already helped, praise this small but autonomous and durable helper high. And to make it even more effective, we have withdrawn all our apparatuses from the military and totally upgraded them: now all have been turned into octocopters; besides, the engineers modernized also the rest of UAV’s systems. The upgrade resulted in substantial enhancement of the recon drone’s technical characteristics. A couple of days ago we had a conversation with Vadym Sukharevskiy, commander of the 500th Marine Battalion which is now looking forward to stepping out into new positions. Recently we not only assembled and sent them another UAV but also gave a full course of practical training in aerial reconnaissance to one of the Marines. Today Vadym shares his ideas with us: he is planning to design an aerial recon system in which is the copter provided by the volunteers would be the key gear.

Practical training. The Ukrspecsystems engineer is coaching an aerial recon scout from among the Marines

Dear friends, could you please back the initiative, especially as the guys do not ask for too much. The war is on: we have to support and assist those people who are fighting and risking their health and lives, for us and our kids to live in peace and comfort even in times of war. Moreover, they need neither just toys nor some fancy stuff but the tools enabling them to fight and defeat the enemy. So we just cannot neglect their request; all together we have to help them.

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Project Completed

Seven copters PC-1

Folding quadcopters of Ukrainian production for reconnaissance and surveillance operation against the enemy.

1 122 965 UAH (29 513 USD) needed
100% raised
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