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Mountain therapy

A step towards the goal: we help to rehabilitate veterans

Dear friends, we have already raised 8% of the total sum needed for the Mountain Therapy project. This means, we made a few more steps to reach our mutual and quite heartwarming aim. We sincerely believe that we will succeed to raise the full sum before the perfect season for trekking starts,  beginning with the end of spring and ending in early summer.

So, what is the main goal of the project? We raise money to buy tourist equipment for other volunteers. It is a wonderful social initiative which makes it possible for the veterans to go trekking for a long time already. Those are not just trekking or promenades in the beautiful mountains, but real few-days tours with the psychologists and specialists who are able to help veterans and work on their basic mechanisms of social interaction and conduct psychological rehabilitation. Simply put, they help the veterans who were injured psychologically during the war, to return to the peaceful life successfully, and, first of all, to reach peace and wellness in their inner world. These are already the first steps to recover physically and to see the world in the new way, without the heavy load of the psychological traumas.

We do also want to say a word about the founders of this initiative. The project is a complex of efforts the specialized volunteer unions. Some people are professionals in tourism, some are good in the very psychological rehabilitation of the fighters. But the merit of organizing them all together belongs to the wonderful people from Kropyvnytsky, who are simply called “The Mobile Volunteer Group”. The activist, Natalia, cares about management and communications, while the tours organization is on another activist, Serhii. He is a special forces officer and an ATO veteran.  Once he joined a mountain tour simply as a participant, but then he understood the positive impact of such initiatives and started to organize such projects — this times, namely for the veterans. He says: “ I have read a lot of professional literature, talked with psychologists and rehabilitation specialists and developed such a program of workloads that will help the veterans not only relax and recover, but also to overcome the internal conflicts, to believe in their own strength and to gain the understanding that every person have the abilities to solve most of the problems existing.”Apart from veterans, Serhii plans to organize some special programs for serving military personnel and members of the Special Forces in order to make their spirits and bodies stronger and to make their duty a bit easier with the help o the right mode.

Mr. Serhii Nova (a handsome man on the left in the red beanie)

The rehabilitating programs of the trekking tours Serhii designs on the basement of the very simple, reasonable and wise components. His own words are (via “The principles that are the basis for our trekking tours are eco-friendliness, gender equality, the fulfillment of the “equal to equal” principle, health-oriented direction. Eco-friendliness is seemingly understandable, it is important not to harm the Nature with your presence, to make it unnoticeable for the others. We would love to make the trekking tours accessible for both men and women, because women are, too, fulfilling their military duty the same as the men do. The “equal to equal” principle is based on the fact that it would be good to see the military people who have the same disease nosology, the same crisis conditions, but succeeded to fully recover and are living the active life, as our instructors. Concerning the health-oriented direction of our project means we set no sport aims, the health and its rehabilitation and development is the utmost priority.” 

We believe it is our honor to help such nice people in this highly important work. We need to reming that we are not just buying the non-necessary tourist equipment. Together, we are able lend a helping hand there, in the darkness, where some good people, who have lost their inner peace and understanding, wander sometimes. You probably know how it goes sometimes amidst the people: they judge. They say — “Ah, he drinks his sorrow away, what a silly man, why is he like that?”, “ah, he can not find peace — why is it so?”, “ah, he committed suicide — what a pity, what a surprise…”.

If our mutual support and the efforts of our colleagues helps to save at least a few lives, or to rescue someone from the trap of doubts and darkness — it is possible that we are doing the deal of our life. Imagine saving at least one life — it is worth a lot. So we humbly ask you and offer you to kindly join us if you are able to. The sum to collect is not very big so it is possible to finish this project very soon.

Have a great day!

P.S.: We highly recommend to go and watch the film “Human with a stool”. It is a sincere, a bit sad story which makes you revalue some very simple, still important things. You will certainly get what we mean.

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Mountain therapy

Helping volunteers from Kropyvnytskyi in organizing therapy hikes for military and veterans.

111 978 UAH (3 071 USD) needed
100% raised
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