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First People’s Scout

A visit to reconnaissance of 79th Brigade

Volunteers from the People’s Project have visited our old friends – the reconnaissance platoon of the first battalion of the 79th Brigade. Of course, they were not empty-handed. The activists handed the military many useful items that will enhance the material, technical base of the unit.
This guys are very experienced and understand what they need. They spent several rotations in Donetsk Airport, defended Piski and were involved in the Debaltseve bridgehead that evolved from a backup mission into an active, assault mission. Now the guys are recuperating and restoring their strength and replenishing equipment. We’re helping the guys prepare for new missions. The following items were provided to the whole squad.
After the visit, volunteers learned the reconnaissance unit commander Pavlo Chaika was awarded with the Order For Courage of the first degree, he now becomes a full knight of the Order. We congratulate Pavlo on this well-deserved award.

27/02/2015Modular handguard for AK10 --delivered to military unit А 0224
27/02/2015Ergonomic pistol handle10 --delivered to military unit А 0224
27/02/2015Fire transfer handle10 --delivered to military unit А 0224
27/02/2015Red dot sight HOLOSUN10 --delivered to military unit А 0224
27/02/2015Tactical flashlight Nightbeat12 4 428.00delivered to military unit А 0224
27/02/2015Flashlight grip12 588.00delivered to military unit А 0224
27/02/2015Combat boots16 10 880.00delivered to military unit А 0224
27/02/2015Winter jacket17 20 221.50delivered to military unit А 0224
27/02/2015Winter gloves16 1 936.00delivered to military unit А 0224
27/02/2015Tactical goggles ESS16 24 000.00delivered to military unit А 0224
27/02/2015Digital radio CSI CS 7018 --delivered to military unit А 0224
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Project Completed

First People’s Scout

Equipment for 79th Airborn Brigade and Reconnaissance platoon of Marine battallion scouts

military units А0224, A2777, А0666
366 469 UAH (15 343 USD) needed
100% raised
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