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Supporting Rehabilitation Center for Wounded

Sonoca 185 apparatus purchased!

We would like to thank everyone who supported the project. With your help we have raised the money and have purchased the apparatus!

Tomorrow, on July 31, 2015 at 1 am in the town of Brovary near Kyiv we will officially transfer one Sonoca 185 ultrasonic wound debridement apparatus to the private medical center Nodus that provides free treatment, under its own rehabilitation program, to wounded ATO soldiers.
Today, more than 60 ATO fighters are waiting to receive treatment with the help of this apparatus at Nodus rehabilitation center. This device is essential, using it doctors can speed up the process of rehabilitation of the fighters and avoid a number of complications associated with the slow healing of severe wounds.
To raise funds for the device people from around the world joined forces. Some people were very determined to help the project and transferred money to our account by every possible means.
On behalf of Nodus and the wounded military personnel we thank everyone who helped make this expensive yet necessary purchase possible. It took us less than two months to raise 535 200 UAH.
We are very grateful to the official representative of Söring in Ukraine and the company Medinteks for helping us get a maximum discount and for the quickest possible delivery.

30/07/2015 Sonoca 185 Ultrasonic Wound Debridement apparatus1 535 200.00purchased for Nodus center
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Project Completed

Supporting Rehabilitation Center for Wounded

Help to wounded for neurosurgical rehabilitation complicated by trophic wounds.

535 200 UAH (12 907 USD) needed
100% raised
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