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Back to Fight! 2

Optics for Alpha Squad

As we have repeatedly noted, of all of our wards, the Mykolaiv-based “Alpha” Squad is one of the most trusted and more organized units in Ukraine’s military. For that reason, all items purchased for them with crowdfunding to various projects and from sponsors supplies is of the best possible quality. At our end thorough records of all items purchased, as well as provide full details of income and expenditure in the “Report” section of each project. This is to ensure the devices don’t just lie in storage, but to have a streamlined process in place so that we have the pleasure of delivering them to soldiers as quickly as possible.
Last time, People’s Project volunteers delivered to the soldiers of “Alpha” Squad an Archer TSA-5R/336-55 thermal imager, an EOTech 65MOA collimator sight, an Armasight Sirius IDI MG night vision monocular, night vision telescopic nozzle Armasight CO-MT Gen2 + SD MG night vision telescopic nozzle and Brown 8×42 binoculars thatwere handed to the unit as part of the Reconnaisance and Alpha Squad project.
The time before that we delivered to the soldiers three Vector Optics SCOT-07 Gold Edition magnifiers and two EOTech 65MOA XPS2-0 collimator sights, now we’ve delivered a third meaning the boys are in possession of three magnifiers + and three collimator. By night, the men plan to use the collimator paired with Armasight Sirius IDI MG night vision monoculars.

13/10/2015Thermal sight Archer TSA-5R/336-551 164 500.00delivered to Alpha squad
13/10/2015Armasight CO-MR-SD Gen 2+ Night Vision Clip-On System1 40 680.00delivered to Alpha squad
13/10/2015Night vision monoculars Armasight Sirius IDI MG1 25 110.00delivered to Alpha squad
13/10/2015Armasight Helmet Mount2 8 476.00delivered to Alpha squad
13/10/2015Holographic weapon sight EOTech 65MOA XPS2-01 16 560.00delivered to Alpha squad
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Back to Fight! 2

Supplying combat units with essential equipment.

military units А0224, А1430, Alpha
1 589 894 UAH (57 531 USD) needed
100% raised
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