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People’s Blindage

Butovka mine collapses due to shelling, dead and wounded.

The complex of buildings at the Butovka mine has collapsed as a result of night shelling by Russian-terrorist groups.
We know of four dead and 10 wounded soldiers from the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps (DUK), according to coordinator of The People’s Project Maksim Ryabokon.

“Yesterday, Butovka was fired on with 152mm rounds which have resulted in collapsed buildings. The exact number of victims has not yet been reported, as I understand it, because people are under the rubble. The complex is destroyed,”Ryabokon said, quoting reports from soldiers present at the site of the fighting.

“Currently, among DUK  there are four dead and 10 wounded. In addition, the Zenith unit r reports one injured,” the volunteer said.

We will publish photos of the devastation once People’s Project volunteers have surveyed the scene.

As you know, on the night of  June 11 and 12 ATO forces suffered significant losses as a result of shelling from the militants with banned “Minsk agreement” weapons. In particular, we are aware of four dead and a dozen wounded military in the area surrounding Avdiivka. two fighters from the “Aidar” Battalion are missing.

Overnight on June 9, Russian terrorists fired about 300 shells at positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Avdiivka.

To prevent further losses, the volunteers of The People’s Project are urgently looking for freight (a truck) to transport to the Butovka area two fortified dugouts. It is essential to get these to the guys that are there keeping the defense – they need reliable cover. Anyone who can help can contact Maksim Ryabokon directly.

We continue to collect donations for the completion of several of our specially-designed dugouts to send to the ATO zone. They are able to withstand sustained shelling from the Russian terrorists. Due to a lack of dugouts, Ukraine’s soldiers are forced to hide in dilapidated buildings, which often leads to all-to-avoidable tragedies that can be avoided. To help please click the button below. We’d be grateful.

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People’s Blindage

Blindages to protect the soldiers from enemy artillery and mortars.

2 121 971 UAH (52 466 USD) needed
100% raised
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