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Project Completed

People’s Blindage

1495 people donated
2 157 871 uah (53 350 USD)
of 2 121 971 uah (52 461 USD)
100% raised
Updated 20.02.2019 at 17:49
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Why is it important?

The war unfolding on the territory of Ukraine, is nothing like armed conflicts of the previous decades. People involved in the fighting indicate an overwhelming use of artillery and mortars.
Considering that the firing points of the enemy are usually located in the residential areas occupied by the civilians, it is not always possible to give an adequate response.
After several tragic cases when artillery fire reached Ukrainian armed forces in the open field, the matter of protection of military personnel is of higher importance than ever.
Engineered technical structures constructed in the fortified areas of military positions require speed as much as reliability. Fortunately, our industry does not cease; new designs are constantly being introduced for the activists to use in new projects.

Where the money goes?

The soldiers who are currently fighting in the ATO (anti-terrorist operation) area don’t always have required fortifications to save them from enemy fire and multiple-launch rocket systems (BM-21 Grad). That’s why our goal is to provide block posts that are stationed in open areas with quality defense structures.
Our volunteers thoroughly researched the issue and found Ukrainian manufacturer of blindages with many modifications. Two modifications were selected for this project.
The structure has special reinforced frame that prevents rapid degradation when under the heavy fire. The module type 1 can accommodate up to 6 people, the module type 2 (living module) up to 12.
It takes less than an hour to establish such modules with little or no heavy machinery.

Basic module

This module can be used according to needs: personnel accommodation, storage, headquarters, communication hub, and more It is made of wooden beams 100×100, waterproof plywood 10mm and 100mm insulated polystyrene. The ceilings in the module are made of boards 50×200 stringed together with reinforcing rods 16mm in diameter at 200mm increments.

Residential block.

For personnel accommodation basic modules are combined into residential blocks. In 3 + 1 format a residential unit consists of three standard modules (residential), equipped with six shelves and a typical module (entrance), equipped with oven-stove and other equipment. Residential units are attached to the three sides of entrance unit. Altogether, this residential block is enough to accommodate 21 people. It is waterproofed by plastic film of 150 micron, mounted on the ceiling before back-filling. To solve possible groundwater problem the module has drainage pit and a pump.
All modules have natural ventilation systems and equipped with lamps and 220V sockets.

Household block.

Basic modules can be combined into household blocks. In 3+1 configuration it includes kitchen. fuel, storage and entrance units. The fuel unit is equipped with a gasoline generator, fuel container, gas tanks and batteries. There are gas and electric stoves in the kitchen unit.
All units are equipped with "fan-forced" ventilation.

Blindage 2.0.

Based on our experience of installing first blindages and, of course, taking into account suggestions and comments from the military in the ATO, we have d
eveloped a new design for blindages. We improved dugout by three criterias:
1. We simplified production process and reduce installation time;
2. Increased performance space inside dugouts;
3. Reduced the cost of shelters;
Dogouts 2.0-english
By using small format wall and ceiling beams, by unification of elements we managed to achieve a significant reduction in assembly time. Other big improvement is that now the installation requires no special skills and can be performed by the military. To address the second issue we increased sized of the blindage and changed its layout. This has greatly increased the operating space and allowed to place 10 beds in the dugout. Also by changing materials for walling we reduces the cost per person by half. We kept the original design of the ceiling as it proved to be highly functional during the instalation and under the enemy fire.

Watch video of blindage test.

  • 19March2019

    The project budget reduced by 125 000. The number of blindages in the project adjusted to the current needs of military units.

  • 03December2015

    The project budget increased by UAH 443,239. Due to the rise of prices for all the components of blindages, the cost of a blindage of type 2.0 for 10 people, rose from 20 000 to 25 000 UAH.

  • 09February2015

    The project budget increased by 1 382 409 UAH, 85 blindage of new modification added to the project.

Basic module
Basic module
paid 100%
5/5 un.
99 500 UAH
Residential block
Residential block
paid 100%
6/6 un.
122 471 UAH
Module 2.0 (for 10 persons)
Module 2.0 (for 10 persons)
paid 100%
20/20 un.
400 000 UAH
Module 2.0 (for 10 persons)
Module 2.0 (for 10 persons)
paid 62.5%
50/80 un.
2 000 000 UAH

Totally:   2 621 971.00 UAH


Questions and answers

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Raised: 2 157 871 UAH(53 350 USD)
Still needed 0 UAH(0 USD)
Spent 1 920 925 UAH(47 491 USD)
Balance 236 947 UAH(5 858 USD)
2 157 871 UAH (53 350 USD)
Sponsor contributions (payments directly to providers)
23/11/15250000 UAHSponsorship 
13/12/142000 UAHSponsorship from Benyuk Uliana 
30/11/145000 UAHSponsorship from neighbor Taras
24/11/144000 UAHSponsorship from Oksana Kravz
23/11/143000 UAHSponsorship from Ivan Malkovych
Total: 264 000 UAH (6 527 USD)
In kind contributions
DateItemQ-tyUAH equivalentComment
12/02/15Heater warmer for blindage 53000 UAHSponsorship from LLC "Termoizol-K"
11/12/14LED light bulb Т5 9Вт122640 UAHSponsorship from Zynovia
10/12/14Small stove21200 UAHSponsorship from the volunteer initiative "Brigade 72"
10/12/14Electricity mains12114 UAHSponsorship from Petro, LLC "Kerdos-Engineering"
03/12/14Fittings d16 (tonne) 1,3312236 UAHSponsorship from Serhiys, LLC "Vikant"
01/12/14Fastening materials (studs, washers, nuts, screws) kit16000 UAHSponsorship from Ivan, "Krause-Ukraine"
28/11/14Edged timber, cum 2532500 UAHSponsorship from Olexandr and Valeriy
Total: 59 690 UAH (1 476 USD)
16/09/1607:0951.84 USDNLgjh1*
27/08/1623:4423.65 USDUSAnon*
16/08/1610:1451.84 USDNLgjh1*
31/07/1623:3923.65 USDUSAnon*
27/07/1622:5894.50 USDUAAnon*
24/07/1611:4194.50 USDUAAnon*
14/07/1611:1951.84 USDNLgjh1*
19/06/1621:4423.65 USDUSartu*
16/06/1612:2651.84 USDNLgjh1*
08/06/1617:3223.65 USDUSartu*
01/06/1611:1947.60 USDUSartu*
28/04/1610:4923.65 USDUSAnon*
19/04/1612:5923.65 USDUSAnon*
17/04/1609:3551.84 USDNLgjh1*
15/03/1611:1351.84 USDNLgjh1*
11/03/1617:589.18 USDESAnon*
16/02/1610:1051.84 USDNLgjh1*
18/01/1610:4251.84 USDNLgjh1*
15/12/1510:4751.84 USDNLgjh1*
12/12/1516:4647.10 USDSKAnon*
07/12/1506:354.44 USDPLolen*
27/11/1517:4394.50 USDDEAnon*
14/11/1510:2051.84 USDNLgjh1*
12/11/1509:4447.10 USDSKAnon*
15/10/1511:5347.10 USDSKAnon*
15/10/1510:3851.84 USDNLgjh1*
08/10/1514:54478.70 USDUStvov*
18/09/1510:3247.10 USDSKAnon*
15/09/1510:3451.84 USDNLgjh1*
20/08/1506:3147.10 USDNLAnon*
15/08/1511:2851.84 USDNLgjh1*
10/08/1518:01191.30 USDUSAnon*
10/08/1508:0194.50 USDDEAnon*
25/07/1503:0323.40 USDUAanna*
23/07/1516:10287.10 USDUSAnon*
25/06/1515:5294.50 USDUAAnon*
03/06/1512:3394.50 USDUSrmja*
21/03/1521:2595.50 USDUSytmp*
19/03/1502:5337.62 USDDEd1ma*
2 793.16 USD
* USD 2793.16 equivalent UAH 112 977.18 NBU exchange rate
* Commission payments via 2.2% + 2.0% + $0.30

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15/01/1507:579.38 USDNOalex*
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236.06 USD
* 236.06 USD as of the date of conversion (03.03.2015) amounted to 6340.13 UAH.
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Settlement account 26008053219521
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22/03/1919:06300 UAH ******0003
22/03/1917:58300 UAH
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1 920 925 UAH (47 491 USD)
Current project spending
30/08/2018Blindages for SpecOps Troops4 100.00transferred to m/u E6117
29/03/2018Blindages for 25th Battalion 2 50 000.00delivered to military unit А2452
06/02/2017Blindages for 72nd Brigade5 125 000.00delivered to military unit B0849
13/01/2017Blindages for 501st Marine Battalion2 50 000.00delivered to military unit А1965
13/01/2017Blindages for 36th Brigade2 50 000.00delivered to military unit А2802
18/10/2016Advance payment to the contractor for manufacture1 25 000.00paid
06/07/2016Blindages for 128 brigade2 50 000.00delivered to military unit В4742
01/07/2016Blindages for Alpha squad2 50 000.00delivered to military unit Е6117
01/07/2016Blindages for 53 brigade2 50 000.00delivered to military unit В0927
03/03/2016Blindage for 11th Aviation Brigade1 25 000.00delivered to military unit В4067
29/12/2015Dugout1 25 000.00delivered to military unit 2161, waiting on documents
02/12/2015Blindages for 30th brigade1 25 000.00delivered to military unit В2731
26/11/2015Blindage3 75 000.00production continues
17/11/2015Blindages for 'Carpathian Sich' battalion3 75 000.00delivered to military unit B 2830
17/11/2015Blindages for 93rd Brigade5 125 000.00delivered to military unit В 2830
06/11/2015Blindages for 80 Airborne Brigade1 25 000.00delivered to military unit А0284, waiting for documents
03/11/2015Blindage for paratroopers (81st brigade)2 50 000.00delivered to military unit В 2749
21/09/2015Blindages for 72nd brigade3 75 000.00delivered to military unit B0849
07/08/2015Blindages for 81st brigade4 100 000.00delivered to military unit 2749
06/08/2015Blindages for 81st brigade4 100 000.00delivered to military unit 2749
18/07/2015Money received via Classy. Waiting for conversion.-- 74 676.00to be credited to the account
23/06/2015Blindages for 93d Airborne Brigade2 40 000.00delivered to military unit А1302, waiting for documents
23/06/2015Blindages with components for Kyivan Rus battalion3 60 000.00delivered to military unit B0676
18/05/2015Blindages with components for border guards1 20 000.00delivered to military unit 2161
18/05/2015Blindages with components for border guards1 20 000.00delivered to military unit 2161
18/05/2015Blindages with components for border guards2 40 000.00delivered to military unit 2161
23/03/2015Blindages with components for pilots4 80 000.00delivered to military unit А1604
23/03/2015Blindages with components for pilots2 40 000.00delivered to military unit А1604
16/03/2015Blindages with components for 93rd Brigade5 100 000.00delivered to military unit A1302
20/02/2015In-kind contributions delivered directly to production site (used in constructing blindages)-- 59 690.00delivered to manufacturer
06/02/2015Blindages with components for Navy SEALs5 99 987.57delivered to military unit A1594
03/02/2015Transportation costs-- 14 000.00paid
25/12/2014Blindages with components for Marines6 122 471.11delivered to military unit А 2802
Total: 1 920 924.68 UAH (47 491 USD)