Artillery. Recovering after Debaltseve

February 15, 2015

Changes to the budget

Changes to the budget

When we started this project we did not expect such support, so we initially tried to narrow down the list of needs. Inspired by all the attention, we have decided to expand the budget and add items the artillery only dreamed of receiving. We have already written a lot about the importance of artillery and the responsibility that rests on the fighters in its ranks. Not only do they provide fire support, but also cover other units. Their work requires precision and speed.

Among the most essential items, perhaps even the most essential item, the artillery names are KrAZ trucks. They are used to transport cannons to various locations. The more KrAZ – the more cannons they can carry. And it has been the case the military has had to leave cannons in the field if the trucks broke down.

Besides KrAZ, the gunners need excavators to be able to quickly entrench. Everyone understands that if artillery is firing on the enemy, the enemy will fire back. During battle, damage to artillery and being left without a strong fire support means a great decisive advantage to the enemy. When battles are intense and there’s need for rapid redeployment it is very hard to dig-in manually. When the ground is frozen it is even harder to entrench and it takes a lot of time. Trenches not only protect the cannons, most importantly, they save lives, therefore an excavator would be very helpful.
For the news inside

Another very useful devices are tourist navigators. They can determine exact coordinates and help troops not to return to the areas that have already been fired upon when relocating. The artillery mostly moves in the field and in rugged terrain and it is harder for them to orient themselves. It is very important to understand exact coordinates.

And, as always, the artillery need powerful rangefinders. It is impossible for fire adjusters to determine distances over several kilometers with the naked eye, yet their job depends on the accuracy of artillery strikes.

The peace deal reached Thursday for Ukraine, if (and the emphasis is on ‘if’) it holds presents an opportunity for the Ukrainian side to regroup. This means donations to the Ukrainian military through our projects take on more urgency as they can be targeted in the right direction with less haste and more planning.
We urge you to continue supporting our projects, because the Russian-backed separatists still have several days to consolidate their positions. What’s more, historically deals, such as the one signed last September, can be violated repeatedly. There is no guarantee this newly signed deal won’t go the same way. Should fighting continue or intensify we need your support more so now, than ever.


Altogether on the project

Artillery. Recovering after Debaltseve

2082 people


2 590 955 UAH (101 091 USD)

of 2 590 954 UAH (93 756 USD) needed

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