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The refrigerants for the bloodmobile been donated

More and more of a concerned people get involved to support The Bloodmobile Project, which is aimed to save the lives of the defenders of Ukraine, who require the immediate blood transfusion. This time two colleagues of the initiator of The Bloodmobile Project Rostyslav Zauralskiy – Dmytro Bachynskiy and Denys Yankovskiy – joined the project and donated 44 refrigerants (substances, which maintain constant cold temperature for a long time when frozen). Six of the refrigerants are gel-based and have volume of one liter. The rest of them are smaller. The refrigerants are necessary to transport the blood and its components to the injured Ukrainian soldiers at the ATO zone to prevent the blood loss.


Denys Yankovskiy (on the left) and Dmytro Bachynskiy (on the right) with a full box of the aid for The Bloodmobile Project

The initiator of The Bloodmobile Project Rostyslav Zauralskiy thanked to the colleagues for support.

“Just got the refrigerants from Mykolayiv. The project is gaining momentum. Big thank to the colleagues who helped,” – wrote Rostyslav Zauralskiy on his Facebook page.

The refrigerants donated to the project by concerned citizens is a vivid example of the way to implement The Bloodmobile Project together. The inspirer of the project Rostyslav Zauralskiy is sincerely thankful for all the support provided to the project.


Rostyslav Zauralskiy at the box with the refrigerants for The Bloodmobile Project

Join The Bloodmobile Project to save lives of the defenders of Ukraine, who desperately need an urgent blood transfusion. At the front line the blood transfusion is often the only chance to give the injured soldier a little bit more time to get to hospital, and get the required complicated medical care. Every contribution will help to buy the bloodmobile, that will be of use at the front line transporting the blood and its components for the emergency blood transfusion. Join the project to save life.

20/12/2016Cold generators44 2 112.00delivered to Rostyslav Zauralskyi
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Fundraising for the purchase of vehicle and equipment for Bloodmobile that will deliver donated blood for transfusion in the area of ATO.

520 792 UAH (20 012 USD) needed
100% raised
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