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25th Airborne Brigade

Delivery of gear to 25th Airborne Brigade

Volunteers from the People’s Project visited the boys of the 25th brigade on what was a significant day for the men! We had the opportunity to congratulate the defenders on the traditional day of the airmobile forces of Ukraine and we did not come empty handed! This time the guys were handed tablets, tactical lights and a thermal imager.
The soldiers appreciate yours and our support and are grateful we take care of them as if they were family.
Many thanks to everyone for participating in the project! Once again we congratulate the guys on their traditional day!

24/07/2015Pulsar Quantum HD50 S thermal imager1 82 800.00delivered to military unit А1126
24/07/2015Garmin ETREX 2010 38 000.00delivered to military unit А1126
24/07/2015”Duracel AA” batteries20 300.00delivered to military unit А1126
24/07/2015TrustFire C8-T6 tactical torches20 10 220.00delivered to military unit А1126
24/07/2015Torcher mount20 3 840.00delivered to military unit А1126
24/07/2015Li-Ion 18650 TrustFire batteries20 3 160.00delivered to military unit А1126
24/07/2015UltraFire C2 C8 tactile pushbutton for torcher20 2 680.00delivered to military unit А1126
24/07/2015Recharger10 1 680.00delivered to military unit А1126
24/07/2015Varta CR 123A batteries20 1 278.79delivered to military unit А1126
24/07/2015Cube Talk8 (U27GT-3GH) tablet with Kingston MicroSDHC 32GB Class 103 8 496.44delivered to military unit А1126
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Project Completed

25th Airborne Brigade

Support of the 25th Airborne Brigade soldiers

military unit А1126
885 926 UAH (37 091 USD) needed
100% raised
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