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Help to 81st Brigade

Six diesel generators for 81st Brigade

While it took some time, we have managed to pass on to the guys from the 81st Brigade six generators! The generators are heavy (the average weight of one generator is about 80-100 kg), however they have now been delivered to the front.
The necessities of life for the fighters at the front differ little from any of ours. The need to ensure an uninterrupted supply of electricity is essential due charging batteries for different devices: thermal imagers, monoculars, and mobile phones. Due to the fact a power source must be powerful enough to connect any device, within the project  Help to 81st Brigade five Centaur CAG-283K diesel generators were purchased while one Forte FGD 6500E3 generator was transferred from the project  Airport 2015. These models were selected on the basis of the experience of our soldiers, whom we have previously delivered to and recieved feedback from.
The level of Ukraine’s security is directly proportional to the number of people who get involved in the  project! The more people join, the sooner Ukraine’s military will have a reliable and quality equipment for the protection their country!

22/10/2015Diesel generator Kentavr KDG-283К5 49 250.00delivered to military unit В 2749
22/10/2015Diesel generator Forte FGD 6500E3 (30750)1 --delivered to military unit В 2749
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Project Completed

Help to 81st Brigade

Modern equipment for the paratroopers of the 81st separate airborne brigade

military unit В 2749
1 107 817 UAH (43 450 USD) needed
100% raised
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