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People’s Blindage

Dugouts delivered to front to protect soldiers

Two reinforced bunkers to shelter soldiers from attacks have been delivered to the front from The People’s Project.

They were needed because near the “Butovka-Donetsk” mine, Russian terrorists are constantly firing missiles and shelling with large caliber mortars. The soldiers requested the dugouts because without them the position would be impossible to defend.


To deliver the bunkers to the front immediately one volunteer immediately  responded, but two days before the scheduled departure, he said that, unfortunately, he could not go.

However, other volunteers responded as well as three soldiers (one from “Aydar” Battalion and two commandos). The delivery vehicle was provided by the 3rd Regiment. The driver was wounded in Shyrokyne with his heel severed during shelling by Russian terrorists (he underwent 15 operations in the Vinnitsa hospital) he also received many additional wounds and contusions and was only recently discharged from hospital in Kyiv.




Initially, the bunkers were loaded onto two “Ural” military vehicles in the Karlivka Poltava region and then sent to the front.



Currently, the two bunkers have been set up in the required area. However, there remains a huge need for other such dugouts at the front. They are specially reinforced and have been tested to see if they withstand explosions. Prior to their delivery, soldiers were forced to take cover from fire and sleep in dilapidated buildings. It is our goal that all boys return from the war unharmed.

This video shows what the war looks like: Russian terrorists battle with 53rd Brigade. Recently,  biotechnology formed new bone in the leg of a wounded Donbas Batallion volunteer.

We call on all concerned to help Ukraine’s soldiers to endure and survive this war. Get involved.


06/07/2016Blindages for 128 brigade2 50 000.00delivered to military unit В4742
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Project Completed

People’s Blindage

Blindages to protect the soldiers from enemy artillery and mortars.

2 121 971 UAH (52 416 USD) needed
100% raised
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